Shoeless Jonathan

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"I am Goodluck Jonathan. I never thought I would be where I am today. I had no shoes, no school bag; I carried my books in my hands to school. I have no enemies to fight. I was not born rich. I am Goodluck Jonathan. If I can make it, you can make it.' - Dr Goodluck Jonathan, 2011

Nigerian children are angry with Nigeria's president, Dr Jonathan. Their anger is justifiable. Was Goodluck Jonathan, when he was a child, truly shoeless as he claimed? It does not seem to have been so. If you saw such doom as a child; the doom of having no shoe, no food, no water, no health, no cloths, and you have jumped from the lowest political position in the federal republic of Nigeria to the position of the President, the commander in chief,yet there are none of your personal programmes such as major orphanages, health centres, libraries, children sports centres, shoe programmes for the poor families, water projects for every Nigerian Child etc etc, I doubt whether you were once shoeless indeed.

I laugh when you think we do not know how rich you are. Dr Jonathan, you are a rich man. Forget the feeling of thinking that the populace do not know you as rich. Just bring it for the poor to eat and smile, that is what we are after. Keep the rest for the blood Jonathans, and not for all these sycophantic Jonathanians. Jonathan, you seem to have wickedly forgotten your past. We even heard that Dame Patience Jonathan was the one that supported you through school. Yet with all the trillions we make in oil, our daughters still pay hundreds of thousands in state, federal and private higher institutions in Nigeria. You do not know how wicked we see you to be.

You see, the heart of man is lavishly wicked. You cannot dissociate man fully from wickedness. It is hard to see a man that truly loves God, who does not look towards that apple, the fruit of disobedience and infidelity. Man's wickedness stems from something very original in him. I have never seen a man including myself that i do not see some deformity in. Somehow God has given us all a task and that task is to conquer this deformed humanity. It is in all of us. It's just that in some like Dr Jonathan, theirs are fat and flabby. Their deformity is multitudinous as well as multidimensional.

I was reading the miracles of Jesus yester night and I came across one of his last miracles; healing of the soldier, Malchus' ear. I read further and started meditating on that scene set in the garden of Gethsemane. In fact, I was feeling it like I was at the scene. I was feeling for Jesus at the scene until he replaced the ear that Peter massacred out of his fake love for him, suddenly I became sober. He does not need our pity. This man is powerful. He could wave his fingers and all the soldiers and the workers in the Pilates' service will turn to imbeciles. He that turned a leper into a clean being, he could always turn the clean being back into a hopeless leper. But what struck me harder was that as the soldiers wanted to react to Peter's attack, Jesus bent down, picked the ear, and gummed it back, in their very momentary presence. After this miracle, that the soldiers didn't get scared and leave the powerful man alone still surprise me. It kept me thinking the more how wicked and ungrateful man is. That miracle should have scared them. But it didn't. Man has a stony heart. We are wickeder than beasts of the forest and of the sea.

Right in the centre of this deprecation, I can tell you that Dr Jonathan has a lot to do this year to redeem his name and promises. Even Boko Haram, which was initiated by PDP, your very own party, has not been well taken care of. The soldiers have suffered so much due to the mismanagement of over 3 trillion naira mapped out for their up-keep and for the eradication of terror-insecurity in Nigeria over the past couple of years. The soldiers are left dissatisfied. They work and no pay. They attack without sophisticated weapons. They die and their families are left to cry lovelessly. The students have suffered so much strike. Even ASUP is on strike now. Worse still you have condoned so much corruption that voting you again would be mortal sin.

You do not blame your subordinates for doing an evil, whereas you were elected to stop them doing that evil in the first place. You nominated most of them and you are the head. You have got to make it impossible for these ministers and public officers to steal. You have got to make it hard for governors, senators, local government chairmen, and indeed councillors, to be able to steal. Put the machinery in place. Quit blaming people.

In fact, before the Stella Odua saga, you should have foreseen it. You are able to acquire the intelligence. Most other nations have problems of corruption but they try to put certain measures in place to avoid people succeeding in corruption. They work with better counter intelligence. Intelligence management saves the polity a lot of high blood pressure. You would have stopped Oduahgate from happening. You would have stopped her from doing that incredible blunder of a bullet proof car purchase. You would have resolved the Sanusi and NNPC case before it escalated. You just like to let things get out of hand.

Stop delaying. You are the president. There are some things you should know before everyone. So many things. You are in charge. Stop blaming people. I do not know how you reason and how your advisers reason most times. You need some people that would be talking information, intelligence, excellence and strategy into your ears. You need informed people. Intelligence is what your administration lacks. You need intellectual radicals and academic ruffians. Sack most of these weak advisers. Can you not see they are failing in their duties? Make use of the time ahead, it is a very short time. You are the president.

You cannot be shoeless as a child and also be shoeless as a Nigerian President.

Boko Haram has promised to release the 230 Chibok girls in the coming week. They always have Plan B, remember? Thank goodness you did not visit Chibok. They wanted to eliminate you. I prayed for you to change your mind. There was a bomb blast in Sabon Gari, Kano. Over 10 people were killed yesterday in the attack. In that same location, PDP lost in all the elections conducted in the state few days ago. Kano now is an APC state. You have lost that state due to your lack of intelligence and proactivity. I wonder how useful Sambo is to you.

Enough of this your travel and campaign. Dr. Jonathan enough. I saw an aeroplane crash in Nigeria. Dr Jonathan, do no more travel. Concentrate on securing our girls; ‪#‎Bringbackourgirls‬# is killing the image of the country slowly, and also concentrate on making tough decisions on how child poverty, child education, youth employment, and housing issues can be resolved in Nigeria.

Touch the lives of the children and the angry masses, 90% of Nigerians who are painfully poor,at least before the end of this year and prove to us that you know what shoelessness is really. The children are crying to God against you. They regret the fact that their parents voted for you. Prove them wrong, Dr. Jonathan. And let there be light before 2015!

Shoeless Jonathan!

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