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Madumere Proposes Panacea For National Unity And Cohesion

By Uche Onwuchekwa
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Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere, has described Indigeneship-citizenship dichotomy as the bane of Nigeria's unity and cohesion.

Speaking to a cross section of Nigeria Community in Houston Texas, United States yesterday, Friday, May 17, 2014, he expresses fear over the continual problem of tribal and ethnic sentiments in various sections of the country.

While allaying this fear, he said the factors under consideration have remained debilitating factor in socio-economic and political development of Nigeria, saying that the age long hydra headed monster has continued to bedevil the unity and cohesion of Nigeria as a Nation.

However, Imo Deputy Governor called on politicians and people to exercise restraints and play down in their inciting words especially as it concerns words that divide us the more.

He further call on the the attention of spirited Nigerians at the ongoing National Conference while calling for focus on the National interest rather than sectional or ethnic interest, which will further widen the gap in National cohesion.

Imo Deputy Governor posited out that the strength of the country lies in its diversity and different cultural variables while giving instances of great countries of the world that were able to manage diverse cultures and races to their greatness.

Prince Madumere said he does not see the reason every Nigerian cannot contest election wherever he has lived for a long time in any part of the country without being discouraged with either religious, ethnic and tribal sentiment, thereby calling for a serious sanction against those still playing such primordial politics.

His words; "Can you imagine where somebody would have spent the rest of his life working and contributing his quota in a particular city in the country and he wakes to seek a position to contribute more, somebody somewhere realizes he is of another tribe, ethnic group or one religious excuses. I strongly stand against it and call on every other well meaning and patriotic Nigerians to not only condemn it but fight against such."

For those of at the leadership position, Prince Madumere called for caution in what is brought into the game of politics saying what is thought to have been won may have been a great loss to Nigeria project. Hence, he called for understanding across party lines to eschew politics of exclusion by beginning to consider whosever that has lived in a particular place for a certain period to be considered a member of that community and should enjoy whatever every indigene enjoys in return.

Imo State number two citizen called on Nigerians in Diaspora to take it as a project to work towards a national cohesion by seeing every Nigerian as Nigerian and not to be judged by either tribal and ethnic sentiment. He called for total abrogation of the word indigeneship in the Nigeria polity for a better cohere and progressive Nigeria.