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What should Mr President do in the present security alert in Nigeria?

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1)       He should expose and prosecute whoever he strongly feels is funding BH in Nigeria.

2)         He should stop relying 100% on his non-performing military to checkmate BH. It should be a combined effort involving the International community.

3)         He should seriously reduce going about for state visits or to birthday occasions when there is mass security alert in the land: over 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped somewhere within Nigeria. Consider if his was among, will he behave the way he is behaving.

4)       He needs to be decisive and give to the security agencies an ultimatum that these girls are brought back home safe and alive.

5)       He should re-train our security in line with international standards of concentrating security efforts on intelligence gathering and utility.

6)       He should tell d police to use the citizens of Nigeria in running security; never again should a citizen be victimized for supplying info to the police.

7)       He should insist that BH men should not be killed, rather should be caught alive and encouraged to give information to him and be prosecuted later.

8)       He should insist on the NOA to constantly enlighten Nigerians on how to behave when there is security alert and how they should not behave at such periods. Etc.

  I love GEJ as a person, but he surely needs to do more as our President. Nigerians should allow him finish his 8 years. But we need more Presidential decisions and actions on teething problems facing us. Nigeria cannot continue to have a military that was defeated on water by the militants and now a military being defeated in the desert by BH. May God continue to keep and protect GEJ in Jesus name amen.

Okachikwu Dibia