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Fayemi Stops Automatic Transfer Of Service, Inter-Cadre, Inter-State Transfers In Ekiti Civil Service ...

It Is Now Examinations Twice Annually
By Lere Olayinka
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Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi has stopped automatic transfer of service, inter-cadre and inter-state transfers in the State civil service, insisting that, henceforth, civil servants, teachers, local council workers and health workers seeking inter-cadre and inter-state transfers, as well as transfer services must write qualifying examination.

This position was made known in a Circular Letter with Reference number AD.13T/3, dated February 10, 2014 and signed by I. A. Abulola on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, State Civil Service Commission.

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Before now, inter-cadre and inter-state transfer in the State civil service was automatic, without any condition.

However, with this new directive by Governor Fayemi, a civil servant, who entered the service with say Higher National Diploma (HND) Accountancy, and later sit for and pass ICAN examinations cannot not be upgraded to officers, that can reach Grade Level 16 unless he/she writes and pass the qualifying examination.

The Circular Letter read in part; "The Civil Service Commission has observed that within the past two years, several applications for transfer of service to the mainstream of the Civil Service had been received from public servants in various other services both within and outside Ekiti State. Right now, the rates at which such applications are received daily have become worrisome to the Commission.

"Since there are no specific guidelines on the number of applicants that may be considered, such requests have always been treated promptly within the limits of available vacancies.

"The Commission has decided to regulate the influx of applicants to the service on the basis of quality and need in critical areas. In this regard, the Commission has decided that all officers applying for transfer of service/inter-cadre/inter-state transfers should henceforth undergo written examinations to be held twice annually to determine their suitability for admittance into the State Civil Service forthwith. This is also in accordance with the new policy to recruit officers into the civil service through written examination.

"Arising from the foregoing, the Commission has directed that all pending applications (both in the Commission and Office of Establishments and Training) should be compiled urgently. Such applicants should be prepared to undertake the written examinations before they could be considered.

"All applicants on the compiled list indicated above would be expected to write the examination on Saturday, 20th July, 2014 at a venue to be announced later. All other applications received after this date would qualify such applicants to write their examination in December, 2014. In effect, the examinations would hold henceforth in July and December annually."

A top civil servant, who spoke with LEREOLAYINKA.COM lamented that that the new policy will engendered favouritism in the service, saying; "It will now be a case of who you know and what level of connection that you have."

He explained that those who entered the civil service with lower academic qualifications will now find it difficult to move up even if they acquire higher certificates.

The civil servant said; "For instance, if someone enters the service with National Certificate of Education (NCE), such person can only get to Level 14 before retirement. But if he is able to obtain a degree while still in service, he can be able to get to Level 16 and can become a Permanent Secretary. All that the person needs is to apply for inter-cadre transfer and present his degree certificate.

"However, with the new step taken by Fayemi, even if a civil servant that entered the service with NCE later gets Bachelor of Education (B.ED) degree, he cannot be able to reach Level 16, unless he writes an examination.

"This also affects professionals such as holders of NIOB, NIQS, COREN and NIA certificates holders, who entered the civil service with HND."