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Senator Bwacha slams Taraba deputy governor

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DEAR MR. GARBA UTC Or CCU as you are called.
I am constrained to write you this open letter first in my capacity as a citizen of Taraba state, secondly, a patriot and thirdly, the senator representing the state's southern senatorial district. I therefore owe it as a responsibility to provide leadership and light where darkness and confusion have taken over because there comes a time in the life of a man when the culture of silence is no longer considered golden. Prolonged silence could either mean an admission of despondency or a clear case of cowardice and criminality. Silence also in the face of tyranny and dictatorship, the type you have instituted in Jalingo, is the worst possible disservice to mankind. And, never been known to shy away from what needs to be done or associated with cowardice, have decided to write you just a few lines so that posterity would judge between us as the macabre drama in Taraba state continue to unfold. In fact this letter would not have been even necessary given the apparent neophytism exhibited by you and your cohorts recruited to promote an inglorious, unconstitutional regime backed by local media promoters whose experience starts and ends in Jalingo; but, like I said, it is important to shed light to some issues so that many Nigerians in whose domain this matter subsist shall get a better understanding of where we are headed.

First, in starting, let me state that my heart profusely bleeds due to the monumental destruction inflicted on both the human and material resources of our dear state by your person who actually is the Cabal- in- Chief contrary to all the manipulations of your spin doctors who try to ascribe that appellation to some other people. Today, UTC, you are playing the pied piper and leading Tarabans to the precipice, even though we have all the reassurance that you would fail in the end. You and your minions enjoy calling others the cabal but if you even knew the meaning of that word, and how it operates, then you will understand that you are indeed the cabal, the leader of the cabal and nothing but a cabal. But more on that later.

Let us now look at how you even emerged as an issue in Taraba state today and the sad narrative of your ascendancy from near obscurity to the infamous spotlight you find yourself today. Like our people say, when a child starts to insult his parents, he would be reminded of where his umbilical cord was buried. Also understanding how you came into office would show Nigerians how you have indeed today become a case study in betrayal, ingratitude and wickedness. It would reveal to many the deep darkness of a man's heart which the scriptures say “no man can ever know”.

When I returned from the United States in the summer of 2012, I was informed of plans to impeach your kinsman and your predecessor, Alhaji Danladi Sani (reasons not necessary in this letter). I then reached out to Governor Danbaba Suntai to insist that it is not all about impeachment but getting a credible replacement. Suntai's response was that God would provide a replacement. Events later ushered you in as the new deputy governor. Now the question on the lips of many is whether it was God or Satan who brought you in. All of us in Taraba are anxiously waiting to get the answer to that question. And the God of Heaven (the Ancient of Days) would soon give us the answer.

My earliest encounter with you in 2013, showed me the crack and slip in your character. It was during the meeting I saw your inexperience and amateurish approach to politics, especially your crafty but evil scheme against Gov. Suntai- a man who practically went out of his way to make you comfortable in Jalingo and ensure that you get the support of all that were with him. In that encounter you told me lies concerning the House of Assembly and your infernal plan to change the leadership. This was in Hannover Germany. Hope you remember? You assured me that you were still loyal to your principal. Little did I know then that you have perfected a plot to overthrow your boss and usher in the mad era of UTCiyya. When we say UTC has betrayed his boss, not many understand what we mean but let me regale the world with a few instances of how you cheated your benefactor, biting the fingers that fed you.


There are many cases-both small and big of how you went about to dismantle your boss, but let me dwell on a very recent one. This one took place just weeks ago in Bauchi and it was during the PDP zonal rally. As the rally reached a point, you were asked to address the crowd. Apart from behaving as if you were not a state executive, crowd shy and stage frightened, your voice was quivering and near inaudible- the ultimate indicator of lack of self confidence- and many Tarabans watching were dismayed by this. You didn't represent the proud people of Taraba at all. But this is the crux of the matter: You stood on that podium in Bauchi that day and never even asked for the crowd to pray for the speedy recovery of your boss. You didn't pay any homage to the man who made it possible for you to be standing there. In the past, you used to try and pretend in the public that you want your boss to recover. Not anymore. In Bauchi, you came out in your true form. You wanted to obliterate the very thoughts of your boss's place in your political journey. This is keeping with all the self- glorification you have instituted in Jalingo and environs. In Jalingo and everywhere else, you love to act as if Suntai doesn't exist. You even allow your followers to address you as the executive governor. You ridicule your boss in every petty way possible including ensuring that anyone coming into Jalingo thinks you are the governor through billboard erected to diminish the image of the man who singlehandedly brought you. You have become puffed up and hubris has taken over. If you have your way, even the picture of Suntai in offices and homes would have been removed in Jalingo (even as some of your disciples are boldly doing so right now with your full knowledge).  So at this Bauchi event, you showed that your agenda was to push Suntai as far away as possible from people's consciousness.

It took the intervention of President Goodluck Jonathan who, unlike you, stood up and requested for prayers for Gov. Suntai and predicted that Suntai would be in the next meeting as Governor of Taraba state. I'm told you were pissed off with the President for that and that you would have even attacked him were it in your power to do so. Unknown to you, the President did that because he noticed your wickedness in not acknowledging your boss. He, like the rest of us in Bauchi, were disgusted at the way you treated your boss. Pray, what has Suntai done against you? Why are you bent on rubbishing his records, stealing and renaming his projects and pitting yourself against the power of God? How do you hope to escape the inevitable: the judgment of God? Now see how the judgment of God has begun because “ka chi amana”!  One by one, your co-travelers and co-conspirators are paying for their sins against an innocent man whose only crime was to bring you to light from your darkness. And while I pray fervently for their salvation, I cannot wish away the retributive hand of justice. You see, UTC, Suntai's matter is in God's hand and he alone would fight for him and readdress the wrong done to him by you and his traducers whom you surround yourself with. UTC, you know from the bottom of your heart that all the people around are opposition elements and people sworn to hate Suntai. You found those people and surrounded yourself with them. Anyone who mentions Suntai name becomes an enemy. You once even sacked some state top officials for attending a church service with Suntai and Nyame. That is how low you have sunk.

Please Uncle UTC/CCU help me tell your expired Lau/Jalingo journalists that comparing me to Ahmed Yusuf and Danladi Baido is as disingenuous as it is stupid. Whatever those men did is not in my competence to judge. Unlike them, I was/is not part of Suntai's financial clique (I hope you even understand that). Political clique, YES! I hope you still recall what I told you that Suntai has never told me that I was to be his successor. It is important you know that since my sojourn in politics, I have never truly had a godfather in the way it is viewed in the nation's political lexicon. I've been a lone ranger. You can go check up on that. Late Bibinu, Governor Nyame, and Baba Adi all met me like that. So I couldn't have been depending on Suntai to be governor. If I did that where then did I keep God? That your Baido never became governor in the history of our dear state should have thought you something about how power comes only from God. In any case, I have advised to forgive your level of naiveté, given your educational qualification.

I have never been part of any financial cabal as I said. In fact members of Suntai's financial clique are there with you in Jalingo and you are only too naïve to see them. If you brand me as a political cabal, I won't argue with you. I'm a politician of high ranking. And in case you are still in doubt, I actually opposed your becoming deputy governor because from day one I knew you were bad news and now I'm more than vindicated. I warned Suntai, now see what we have! I'm aware  you swore to Suntai about the issue of ambition. You know this and your God because Suntai actually expressed his fears a day before he accepted you. You told him that you won't pursue any personal ambition but see what you are doing; campaigning vigorously. Abdullahi Kirim whom you have frustrated to the point of death in the hospital now is aware of this assurance you gave Suntai.

I hear that you are telling everyone that I've nothing to tell Tarabans. Really? Even you who is empty is managing to say some things; what about me who is a ranking politician- wait- a state assembly member, an EXCO member as honorable commissioner, a former member of the house of representative, and now a serving senator and the recipient of the prestigious CON. (Please other readers of this should kindly bear with this chest beating which is not in my character. But UTC needs to be put where he belongs). I'm today part of Mr. President's success story in the transformation agenda in the agricultural sector. Haba, UTC, use your head before commissioning your hungry media servants to go and abuse me.

Unlike you, Mr. UTC/UUC, I'm not so crazy about becoming governor. Right now, my zone is consulting with the hope of bringing out a consensus candidate. I'm also being considered alongside other proud and eligible sons of the zone. And why should I worry if I'm not the one picked as consensus candidate? You think I'm desperate like you are? I'm so grateful to God for bringing me this far to the senate- the highest law making body of our dear country. If it is His will I go further than this, He knows how to do that. For now I would rather have some primary school leaver from far flung places like Yukuben, Shibong, Dampar and Fali to be governor than allow you ruin that state as governor. We won't let that happen to our people.


I'm familiar with your antecedent even as I join issues with you. I had earlier alerted the IG of Police through a text message on the threat to my life because you and your infernal team believe I'm the only problem to your ambition. My faith teaches me that only the body can be killed not the soul. In essence, I can't fear your exploit in repetitive violence which well known to security agencies.

Since you were told through illegal means to continue as acting governor, Taraba has never known peace. Corruption has reached its nadir all under your nose. The state's business communities are now watching helplessly as their commonwealth is frittered away. Not even the Muslims whose beautiful religion you have manipulated and using to deceive the world are happy with your native greed and tight fisted posture (marowachi). And never in the history of our dear state has the state ever been so divided. We are now a state looking at each other from ethno-religious prism. This is not who we are as a people before you happened. You have brought the virus of division to us.

We are aware of what you said in New York that you would never hand over power to the people of southern Taraba because of the artificial crisis which you have created in the zone. You think we don't know you are behind our crisis? You think we don't know you detest Christians because of your fanaticism? You think we don't know you secretly detest our zone. Did you expect me to keep quiet when our people were getting ambushed and killed by insurgents who confessed that SOMEONE paid them to come and unleash hell in our area?

You expected me to chicken out when you told some of your minions in Jalingo that it was not herdsmen attacking the Tiv people but the Jukuns in. This, in your naiveté you hoped, was to incite the Tivs against the Jukuns. You think this was the past. You don't know that the Jukuns and the Tiv are united against any form of criminality perpetrated from the pit of hell.

I have given my life to Christ and I have seen the salvation of the Lord. I'm filled with the Holy Spirit and I'm looking forward to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Honestly, matters like these are no longer my concern, but I have to perform my duties to people. UTC, you have wronged God and Suntai. Even children on the street know this. Even you know this. You best bet right now is to give your life to Christ and repent. He is a merciful God and willing to accept you if you confess your sin. Do this today to save yourself from eternal perdition. I rest my case.

Yours Sincerely
Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, CON