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These Girls Have Become Our Own Property-Shekau's New Video Translation

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“We have the girls in our place  and as you can see from the video, they

have all accepted to become Muslims, in just a matter of few days, they

have learnt to recite the first chapter of the holy Qur'an fluently. We

did not force them but we have made Islam explained to them clearly and

they have all accepted it; and even some of them are now calling on their

parents to join them in Islam, that they have been groping in the dark all

these years.
“You are all out there worrying about these girls, but they are here now

converted willingly into Islam. They are happy , because we treated them

very well in the manner women are supposed to be treated, with dignity and

humane. If you like you can go on again and insinuate, as usual, that we

have given them some concoction to drink; yes go on and say Shekau has

given them some portion to change their minds. But you should all know

that we don't drink anything here, we don't drink alcohol. We are Muslims

and our concoction is the names of Allah and his prophet.

“These girls have become our own property as it is the injunction in the

Qur'an . We decide what to do with them, yes I repeat they are now our

slaves and acquired property, what ever we wish,h we do with them.  As I

have said earlier we can even sell them if we wish.

“But the fact remains that these girls remain with us until the Nigerian

government releases our brothers and sisters being held in various

detention facilities across the country. Just because of these few girls

that we have taken the world is shouting hues. But you should know that we

have also abducted and taken boys that had tripled these number in the

past. Why is the world not talking?
“Let Obama, Banki Moon , Goodluck Jonathan, know that there is nothing you

can do to us, because this is the war of God and not human; this is not

capitalism , this not socialism, this is not democracy ; this is not

United Nations charter; this is the religion of God, this is Jihad.

“These girls go no where, until our brethren in Maiduguri, Abuja Enugu and

Lagos were all released from captivity.  So it hurts this much, yet you

kept our brethren in detention for over five years; our women have been

kept  in cells without marriage for all these years; some of our members,

about 20 of them were given poison to drink and they died silently in the

cells. No one is talking about them.
“Let the world know that we are ready for what ever troops that is being

sent to fight us; we don't fear any American troop. Let even kind Pharaoh

himself be sent down here, we will deal with him squarely”, said Shekau.