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Palestinian state
As has severally been pointed out, Palestinians (or more correctly Arabs in Palestine) already have a state of their own in the nation of Jordan, which was established in 1922 on the Arab portion of British mandated Palestine – all of which was originally intended for a Jewish nation as per the 1917 Balfour declaration.

Both Jordanian and Palestinian leaders severally acknowledge that Jordan is Palestine:

"What you call Jordan is actually Palestine." – Late PLO leader Yasser Arafat (interview with New Republic, 1974).

"The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan." Late King Hussein of Jordan (Interview with in Al-Nahar Al-Arabi, Dec. 1981).

"Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine. There is one people and one land, with one history and one destiny" - Crown Prince Hassan to the Jordaninan National Assembly, Feb. 1970.

"Jordan is an integral part of Palestine." Chafiq el Hout, PLO official on Radio Cairo, May 1967.

Under the League of Nations (precursor to the UN) mandated British rule, Palestine was divided unequally with Arabs getting the lion share (77%), while Jews were supposed to have the remaining 23% that included the presently contentious West bank & Gaza.

Jews were forbidden to settle in the much larger Arab portion of Palestine (which became Jordan), but Arabs in the meager Jewish portion with the support of neighbouring Arab nations continued their agitation against a Jewish state, with violent Arab-Jew clashes culminating in UN intervention with resolution 181 (Nov 1947) in which Jews were further shortchanged by carving out for Arabs West Bank, Gaza and other previously designated Jewish territories.

Even then Jews agreed, but the recalcitrant Arabs who were totally opposed to any Jewish state on what they consider Muslim territory (Dar-ul Islam) did not. Resolution 181 has since been voided by Arab rejection as it was a non-binding UN recommendation that was dependent on the consent of both parties – Arabs & Jews.

By rejecting resolution 181, Arab nations blocked the emergence of the 2nd Palestinian state in 1948. Instead they attacked Israel immediately she declared independence that same year.

To pave way for annihilating Jews without harming their fellow Arabs in Palestine, the invading Arab nations instructed Palestinians to leave with the understanding that they would return after Jews had been wiped out. But Arabs lost the '48 war, and the Palestinians that left couldn't return. This was the genesis of the Palestinian refugee problem that has become a thorny issue in the conflict.

Arabs who didn't leave became Israeli citizens who now comprise about 16% of Israel's population.

Nothing is said of the even greater number of Jewish refugees that were expelled from the Arab world during the same period, as Israel resettled them without complaint. If Palestinian negotiators really want a state of their own, why are they insisting that their “refugee” citizens return to Israel, rather than to their proposed Palestinian state – courtesy of the hyped “two-state solution”? Bearing in mind Palestinians totally reject Jewish presence in West bank and Gaza.

The objective of the unreasonable Palestinian “refugee” demand is simple – to demographically overwhelm and destroy Israel as a Jewish nation particularly as Muslims with their multiple sit-at-home baby-factory wives will outbreed monogamous Jews with career-minded Jewish women. It has already happened in Lebanon which used to be predominantly Christian, but the dwindling Lebanese Christians are now insecure in their country and many have fled.

With regards to the thorny issue of East Jerusalem, it is patently unfair and unreasonable that Jews be required to give up East Jerusalem which contains their holiest site – the Temple Mount (remnant of King Solomon's temple).

Hebron the first capital of the Jewish nation, which houses the second Jewish holiest site – the Cave of the Patriarchs - is already largely in Palestinian hands. Jacob and his 12 sons, progenitors of the Jewish nation are entombed in the Cave of Patriarchs.

In 1929 Jews were massacred and driven out of Hebron, only for the Arabs to now call returnee Jews in Hebron “occupiers”.

It is patently absurd that Jews are considered “settlers” or “occupation” in the land which their founding ancestors lived, died and were entombed; a land in which they've lived continuously for three millennia.

In fact it is the West bank and Gaza Arabs (erroneously called Palestinians) who are occupiers of land that was originally designated Jewish by both the League of Nations validated 1917 Balfour declaration and the subsequent 1922 partition of Palestine in which Arabs got the lion share.

That's right; Palestinians are actually the occupiers in West bank & Gaza. Since they are unwilling to live peacefully with Israeli Jews, the Palestinian Arabs should leave as many of them wanted to following the 1967 Arab defeat, before Moshe Dayan, the then Israeli defence minister, unwisely persuaded them to stay in a naive but futile attempt to establish a bridge of peace with the Arab world.

When East Jerusalem was under Arab rule - before Israel captured it in the '67 war - Jews were denied access to their holiest site and numerous Jewish synagogues were destroyed. Christians were similarly denied religious access during Jordanian occupation of East Jerusalem.

Presently Muslims enjoy unfettered access to Al-Aqsa mosque which was provocatively built (during Muslim rule) adjacent the Jewish holy site. Can Hamas or Fatah be trusted to always guarantee Jews unrestrained access to their holy site, if these Palestinian terror groups control East Jerusalem? Me think not!!

Would Muslims under any circumstance allow non-Muslim rule over Mecca and Medina? Bearing in mind that non-Muslims are barred from even entering both of Islam's holy cities. Since Muslims fallaciously claim Jerusalem is their 3rd holiest city, there's no guarantee that a Muslim Arab controlled East Jerusalem would not one day also forbid non-Muslims entry into the city, as they currently do in Mecca & Medina.

In any case East Jerusalem was never allotted to Palestinians; the defunct UN resolution 181 which partitioned the Jewish portion of Palestine assigned Jerusalem to UN administration. So Palestinians have no legal basis for demanding East Jerusalem.

Since Islamic Jew hatred (not territorial dispute) is root of the Arab-Israeli conflict, it is foolhardy to believe that territorial concessions will bring the Jewish nation peace. Israel's Oslo accord territorial concession to the Palestinian Authority led to the Intifada and exacerbated Palestinian terrorism.

Similarly Israel's unilateral withdrawal from South Lebanon security zone and Gaza, turned these territories into launching pads for Hezbollah and Hamas rockets at Israeli civilians. Herein lies the rationale of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's recent demand that any future Palestinian state must be demilitarized.

The key to lasting resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict lies in Muslims/Arabs unconditionally recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, after all there are over 20 Arab nations, going by Arab league membership.

Rather than capitulate to Islamic terrorist intimidation, we non-Muslims who vastly outnumber Muslims six to one and are technologically & economically superior, can bring about unconditional Muslim recognition of the Jewish state by our robust unflinching support for Israel that sends Muslims a strong unequivocal message that we will no longer put up with their unwarranted hostile aggression against the Jewish nation.

In the unlikely event Israel is destroyed, Islamists will be emboldened and become more aggressive in other Jihad theatres - Thailand, Philipines, Pakistan, India, the West and even here in northern Nigeria.

Emboldened by the successful Afghan Jihad against the Soviets, returnee mercenary Mujahedeen caused violent convulsions in Algeria, Egypt and even Islamist Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden was a product of that American supported anti-Soviet Afghan Jihad which later boomeranged as 9/11.

Long live Zion!!

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