Peace maker.....a case study for TB JOSHUA

By paul martins
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One of the most difficult jobs to do is be a peace maker; go ask Kofi Annan and even more recently Banki Moon. While peace may be cheaper, the reality is that it may not necessarily solve all problems because of the egoistic traits evident in every man.

Bellyache is part of nature's mischief. Our wealth, race, education, connection, influence, abilities, knowledge and even physical strength often make us feel better than the other person or group. When this is contested, we do not always hesitate to challenge or oppose in God's place by way of defeat. ln human nature most people believe only hypocrites advocate a win-win situation that is a draw . For us, real victory does not take place unless a party is defeated.

Prophet T.B JOSHUA has received a lot of criticism from all parts of the world, mostly my country Nigeria. Despite this, the ministry grows daily with thousands of people coming from different places all over the world. With every bout of criticism directed at him, he always maintains silence because he believes that God will fight for him. As Christians, we do not fight for God; He fights for himself and for us. When a man of God is silent to all criticism and blaspheming, this does not mean that God is not saying something because as a man of faith, God will always see him through. It is high time we learn not to judge our fellow humans. We should pray to God for more understanding and let God be the judge. The first time l visited the synagogue church of all nations, l saw the works of God in the life of Prophet T.B JOSHUA, where the needs are being helped and the sick are healed all in the name of JESUS CHRIST – I saw this with my own eyes. I saw scholarships given to scholars in the name of God - still people are not encouraged with all this. What are the kind of the good things they are expecting from him as a man of God? Because l don't understand the world any more, where good things are being given a bad name, could l say the world is wicked or there is a lack of understanding of the scriptures. The Bible makes us to understand that we are not to judge our neighbour because God knows best. When judgement and blasphemy come from the mouth of people and the man they are calling names is growing every day - what an amazing Grace! If men are God that means no one is saved. It is now time to reason and think how to embrace an achiever because nothing good comes easy; there will always be trials and temptations but God promised to see us through. Jesus has made us leaders; he made us to be a light and an example to our world. A leader in this context doesn't necessarily mean the head of an organisation but one who has direction and superior information – I mean, someone who hears the voice of God; one who knows the way and can provide guidance for others to reach their destinations of success. This is something every Christian needs to do, to become an example of God's kind of life to those in your group, not to pray for someone else's downfall...

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