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When Will Our Girls Return?

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It has been three weeks now since Boko Haram (we all know it's them), Nigeria's tormentor in chief (after poverty), seized over 200 girls from us and there seems to be no end in sight to the hell these girls have been made to go through. It must have been three weeks of horror for these young girls, whose only crime is being born in Nigeria as well as going to school.

Since the kidnap of these innocent girls what we have been treated to is buck passing, as if that's going to bring back our girls. Even citizens have joined in. I totally agree now, that indeed Nigerians are part of the reasons Nigeria is where she is today. You have to see how citizens began to trivialize this matter. How citizens began to doubt if in fact the girls were really kidnapped. How citizens wanted to start their own brand of politics with the lives of these innocent girls.  It is really saddening to say the least. I hope these citizens bow their heads in shame now that the president has met with the parents of the MISSING GIRLS.I hope their eyes are now open to reality, now that the names of some of the MISSING GIRLS have been released. These same citizens who were calling for the names of the girls to be released to get proof, believe me, would still be the first to start stigmatizing these girls once they are released.

Majority of the citizens though crave the release of these girls. Majority feel the pains of the families involved. Some have even thought about going on suicide missions to rescue these girls from the hands of these infidels, since we are not getting much from the security officials whose task it is to free these girls. The attention of the world has been brought to the kidnap as it was getting less coverage from the world media, thanks to the doggedness of some citizens. Now there are protests all over the world.

The presidential media chat of yesterday, unfortunately offers little hope. What was that about not knowing where the girls are, from the commander in chief?  That suggests that even the military does not know anything about these kidnapped girls in the past three weeks, as whatever information the president will have, will have to come from the military. Does it mean not much efforts have been made since then? The fact that a committee was just set up days ago to look into the kidnap of these girls actually confirms that we are not putting in more efforts to bring back these girls. Was it a decoy? I would have loved it to be but something tells me the president was honest with that answer, which unfortunately is bad news. Now we are hearing that the girls must have been married out to infidels in neighboring countries and the president is saying those rumors are unfounded. Pray, how will the president know if they have been married out or not when he doesn't even have a clue about where they are?

The whole trauma, psychological and otherwise, this must have brought upon these girls and their families is better imagined. I just think more efforts needs to be put in to make sure these girls are re-united with their families safely. It's not fair on them. Nigeria has failed them!

Is there enough intelligence gathering from our military? Does Boko Haram have more men than our military? What is being done to make our borders, especially with Cameroon and Niger republic less porous? Is the President in touch with the Presidents of these countries to find a lasting solution to the activities of these infidels? Are the Boko Haram elements in the government (as the president admitted) invisible? What's been done to fish them out?  Is there enough information on Boko Haram sponsors? Do you know their sponsors? If yes, what is delaying their arrest? Seriously we are tired of talks. We are tired of accusations and allegations without results.

On a larger scale, what is been done to reduce the massive illiteracy rate in the North? How about the high unemployment rate there too? What is our budget on security? Or does everybody just collect security votes and leave us to our fate? What is the state of mind of our military men? What's their take home? Do we take of them like a country should take care of their security men? Are they well motivated to want to die for their country? We need answers.

The citizens, especially those around Borno State and environs have roles to play too, if we are going to stop this reign of terror. The fact is that some citizens know the where about of these infidels, but for some reasons have refused to come forward. They will be doing Nigeria a great service by coming forward with useful information about the sect. They should be encouraged too, as some of them are rightly afraid that their identities will be revealed once they give useful tips to the military . They don't know who is who. Even the military may have been infiltrated.

Boko Haram is getting bolder by the day, what with the bombings in Nanya, Abuja and the threat to (Sheraton Hotel) Lagos. It is the responsibility of the government to protect us all and as at today it has not done a good job. It is obvious Boko Haram is all out for us. They no longer have a cause they are fighting for. No rules of engagement whatsoever.

More needs to be done before Boko Haram wipes us all out,but first, the government has to #BringBackOurGirls.

Chiechefulam Ikebuiro
[email protected]