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Unilever Launches Vaseline Total Moisture & Vaseline Cocoa Glow

By Emmanuel Ajibulu
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World most successful fast-moving consumer goods company and Nigeria's leading company with diverse home/personal care and foods portfolio, Unilever Nigeria Plc has unveiled two new products into the rapidly growing personal care market in Nigeria, Vaseline Total Moisture and Vaseline Cocoa Glow at BNatural Spa, (GRA) Ikeja, Lagos.

This fresh innovation into Vaseline's lotions and creams is an extension and upgrade to Unilever's already successful and well known Vaseline brand.

Speaking at the occasion, the company's Marketing Director, Personal Care, Mr.

David Okeme described the launch of the products as good steps in the right direction, pointing that they are specifically designed to meet the increasing demands of their numerous customers in Nigeria. ''This launch of Vaseline lotions and creams in Nigeria for the first time with full marketing communication support will allow Unilever to become a meaningful player in the life of the Nigerian women. We believe that truly healthy skin starts with deep healing; it is not something you get by masking problems or through quick fixes.'' Okeme said.

Continuing, ''Vaseline Total Moisture is a combination of vitamins, minerals and conditioning moisturizers. Vaseline Total Moisture works like a moisture multi-vitamin to replenish your skin with 100% of the daily hydration and nutrient your skin needs. This gives you great-looking skin that feels vibrant and healthy each day. With Vaseline Total Moisture, your skin never suffers dehydration neither does it get flaky or dull.

The second product, Vaseline Cocoa Butter is ideal for every Nigerian skin. Remember that without proper care, darker skins can become dry, rough and unpleasant to the eyes. But with Vaseline Cocoa Butter, your black skin glows every time because Vaseline Cocoa Butter penetrates deeply to ignite the skin's natural glow from the inside out. Made from rich cocoa butter, pure vitamin E and a combination of moisturizers, Vaseline Cocoa Butter smoothens away all the roughness and dark spots to help the skin maintain an even tone and a healthy glow.'' Okeme assured.

Speaking further, Okeme said the products are safe for both male and female users without age restrictions, and that it has been tested, certified and registered by NAFDAC and free from carcinogenic elements which can lead to skin cancer or undesirable reactions. Asked about the likely imitation of the products by men of the underworld, he said product imitation is not just peculiar to Nigerian market, but a global phenomenal. He however assured that his organization is working closely with various government agents like Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), Police and NAFDAC to combat counterfeiting of the products.

Similarly James Inglesby, Unilever's Category manger, deodorant and skin said the products can be found all over Nigeria in different sizes and at affordable prices, just as he assured consumers of value for money. He said, ''Vaseline Total Moisture and Vaseline Cocoa Butter are both available in lotions and creams. Lotions are fast absorbing and light feeling on the skin while creams are thicker and used for deep moisturizing especially when your skin requires higher levels of moisturizing. This is great news for everyone who desires beautiful skin.''

In retrospect, the company in a statement traced the history of Vaseline to 1859 by Robert Cheesebrough and confirmed the varying benefits which its teaming consumers stand to enjoy, ''Vaseline was launched in 1859 by Robert Cheesebrough, a 22 year old Brooklyn chemist who discovered a 100% naturally-derived product from deep within the earth which had remarkable skin-healing properties; he called it Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Nearly 140 years later, Vaseline is still dedicated to healing skin, the brand has gone on to develop a range of products with these healing properties at their heart to help skin heal beyond the surface, making it healthier every day.

Our aim is to get Nigerian women to fall in love with Vaseline lotions by convincing them, only Vaseline can give soft, smooth skin all day long because only Vaseline lotions and creams have Stratys-3 for multi-layer moisture, Vaseline appeals to people who don't want brands that merely seduce them with quick fixes; they want brands that really deliver.''

''As For our target, being healthy and taking care of herself - especially her skin - is important. She is not looking for superficial lotions, quick fixes, or products making exaggerated promises, she wants substantive skin care that delivers real results. Like all Nigerian women, she is full of life, colour and exuberance; she takes visual appearance seriously and wants to stand out from the crowd. Her skin represents health and vitality and to get a compliment about it would make her very proud and fulfilled.''