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FCT Minister's Children Stash N35 Billion Two Nigerian Banks, Offshore Accounts

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Two children of the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bala

Mohammed, have allegedly stashed funds running into billions of naira in

Unity Bank, UBA and another offshore account in Dubai,

investigations have revealed.
The duo is notorious for harassing and obtaining contracts from Directors

in the FCT using fronts and phony companies.
Checks have revealed a disturbing trend that may ultimately expose the

level of corruption within the Federal Capital Administration led by

Alhaji Bala Mohammed.
Shamushdeen and Ibrahim, the first and second sons of the Minister, barely

28 years, have depicted how corrupt the minister himself is.

Contrary to what the minister preaches about transparency in governance,

the children have been a major source of irritation to residents of the

territory, and a mirror of the minister's inner personality in terms of

living beyond their means.
Killing an Innocent Teenager
To know the children better, a recap would do. Not too long ago,

Shamushdeen Bala Mohammed, the first son of the minister, in a hit and run

manner, crushed to death an innocent 22-year-old Mark Musa to death along

Shehu Musa Yar'adua Expressway, opposite National Health Insurance Scheme

headquarters. He has been a sponsor of the illegal car racing competitions

in the territory.
The matter was covered up by the minister using the FCT Police Command

while the parents of the victim was threatened to take a paltry sum of

money given them as compensation or get locked up secretly. The parents of

the late teenager had no option but to swallow the bitter pills.

Presentation of Car Gift to Girlfriend
The same Shamshudeen recently presented a car (Mercedes S Class) gift to a

girlfriend, daughter of a director in the federal civil service (names

withheld). The 17-year old girl's father was so outraged that he ordered

the car returned to the owner.
Illegal Car Racing in FCT
The Federal Capital city has no provision for car racing. Recently, the

Minister placed a ban on car racing following injuries and bashings of

motorists inflicted on residents. The minister may have acted ignorantly

or showed inability to rein in his children, and ordered the ban on car

racing. His second son, Ibrahim, is the chief sponsor of the illegal car

racing that have so far killed many people. This dangerous game continues

every night in some parts of the city center.
The ban failed because at a point spectators of the game violently

confronted both the police and the Federal Road Safety Commission. Police

often fired teargas to disperse spectators around Area 10 Parade Ground on

Network of Crime
The two minister's children run a huge network of friends who are involved

in several shady deals: land scammers, contractors who pay huge sums into

their bank accounts leaving our investigators wondering whether the

minister himself is not part all the game.
Directors in the ministry do not fail to carry out orders, usually

requests for funds transfer, land allocation in choice places from this

Our investigations have been able to establish some bank accounts run by

these boys. Some have their names and different photographs while others

have their photographs and different names.
There are also other accounts held by their network of collaborators in

Nigerian banks and other offshore accounts details of which our

investigations revealed.
The Bank Accounts
Further investigations showed that two accounts with two Nigerian banks;

Unity Bank and UBA, and an offshore contain a princely N35 billion. Ten

Billion Naira was located in Unity Bank and UBA while an equivalent of N15

billion is stashed in the offshore account in Dubai.