New Grand Khadi And 2 Perm Secretaries Appointed

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza
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A new Grand Khadi and two permanent secretaries have been appointed in Borno State to fill the vacancies created by the retirement of former holders of the positions.

The new Grand Khadi is Khadi Umar Ramat Mukaila of the State Sharia Court of Appeal while the Permanent Secretaries are Alhaji Adamu Idrisa Timta and Abba Kaka Abba Jato.

The brief but imoressive ceremony took place at the Council Chambers of the State Executive Council in the Government House, Maiduguri and presided over by the Executive Governor , Hon. Kashim Shettima while the State Chief Judge Justice Kadhim Zanna administered the Oath of Office.

In his address at the occasion, Governor Kashim Shettima described the Judiciary as the last hope of the common man and the hope of those in democracy stressing that "as a government we must promote and preserve the integrity of the judicial arm".

"We are at a brokenhearted time in our dear state because as we speak, over 200 daughters of Borno, 200 young schoolgirls with what should have been a oromising future, are being detained somewhere by our fellow men who cksim to be devoted Muslims , whereas Allah who created all of us has mandated ys to orotect women, to support them, to serve them with soecial attention and to even spare them during Islamic holy wars that the Boko Haram claim to be fighting.

"In Islam, a woman is supposed to be treated as gold. Islam requires that a man should be the one to are meals and serve a woman, when a woman chooses to cook, she shoukd be paid for cooking that meal unkess she forfeits being paid and offers to serve the man out of her own will and without any charge" Kashim Shettima said.

According to the governor,"Allah might have made the Prophet (SAW) to have only one surviving child who happened to be a woman probably to underscore how precious a girl child is. Allah has created the girl-child with very enduring love for her parents, brothers and sisters. "

He recalled a particular family whose daughters took care of their sick father till he died while the male child got tired and rarely visited their father on his sickbed before he died.

"The love of a girl- child to parents and relatives is everlasting, ask those with loving sisters or daughters about the benefit of girl-child, he or she who doesnt have a girl-child is yet to test the endearing love of a child to parents and this is why you can imagine what the parents of those 200 girls are going through."

Governor Kashim appealed to the new Grand Khadi Umar Ramat Muksila to carry other Khadis along and work as a family so that the panel, which comprises the three khadis we have will be a harmoniuos one that will ensure disposition justice in accordance with the provisions of law".

He said he has confidence in the integrity of the Grand Khadi just as he has in other judges. To the Permanent Secretaries he welcomed them on board to revitalize the state Civil service.