Defiant Nyako to investigators: I stand by my genocide memo


Adamawa State Governor,Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (rtd) Tuesday spent six hours with police officers investigating his recent memo alleging genocide against his kinsmen. had exclusively reported that six top police investigators were in Yola, the state capital, to investigate claims by Nyako that the federal government had perfected plans to exterminate his Fulani kinsmen.

Government House sources told that   Nyako was “very frank” with the investigators and “told them all he knew about the memo”.

“Yes, His Excellency spent about six hours with the police officers. He told them what prompted him to write the memo, and insisted that he stood by every word of it,” offered the Government House source.

Continued the source “H.E. (Nyako) told the officers that the federal government has been silent in the face of over one million cows belonging to Fulani herds men killed across Nigeria.

“He reminded that cattle rearing was the livelihood of his kinsmen, and that anything that threatened a people's livelihood amounted to genocide,” added the source.

On if the governor expressed regrets or showed remorse for any part of the memo, the source quizzed, “what for?”

He explained, “H.E. told the officers that as a retired Navy chief and sitting governor, he believed dialogue was the best means of conflict resolution.

“He (Nyako) sees the memo as his modest contribution to the ongoing debate on the future of Nigeria. Admiral believes it is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war.,” added the source.

Nyako recently stoked controversy when he authored a memo to northern governors alleging that the federal government was systematically exterminating his kinsmen.