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Lagos APC Chides Lagos PDP Over Call For Asiwaju Tinubu's Arrest

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The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has chided Lagos

PDP for its ridiculous call for the arrest of the National Leader of APC

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for calling for the roasting of those who would

rig the coming gubernatorial election in Ekiti and Osun States.

The party said that by its clear effort to defend the continued subjection

of elections in Nigeria to manipulation and rigging, the PDP is showing

that it is not about to change in its criminal ways, which has destroyed

the country through the array of horrible leaders that have been unleashed

on Nigeria these past fifteen years.
In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of

the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party wondered why the PDP always grows paranoid

whenever the issue of punishment for election riggers crops up. It says

that what Lagos PDP is publicizing is the readiness of the party to

continue to tow the line of electoral criminality through shamelessly

stealing every election and subjecting the country to the scourge of

corrupt, unaccountable, unelected leadership.
“From its childish reaction to Asiwaju's warning, it is apparent that PDP

as professional shameless vote robbers are getting paranoid that any

action against election riggers is an action against it. It is apparent

that by this impudent way to offer safe ground for election riggers, Lagos

PDP and indeed the entire PDP is planning to continue stealing election

mandates and employ same to wreck the country the same way it had been

doing for the past fifteen years but we warn them that their days are

“We are not surprised that it is the PDP that has come in defence of

election rigging when we know the history of the party and when its name

has become synonymous with fraud, not only in elections but in every facet

of life. That what calls itself a state chapter of a party that has been

ruling the country for the past fifteen years can come out and make such a

specious endorsement of election rigging, as the call for Asiwaju's arrest

for warning against election rigging portends, shows that Nigerians have

not witnessed the last of  PDP's bizarre electoral frauds, which is the

foundation upon which the PDP rests. We therefore warn Nigerians to be on

their guards as the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections approach and as

the critical 2015 election draws nearer.
“Nigerians do not have to look far to know the tragedy electoral fraud the

PDP is stoically defending has done to the country. The pallid and

prostrate country we have today with wrecked infrastructures, gargantuan

corruption, endless mass slaughtering of citizens, governmental

incompetence and embarrassing cluelessness, general state of insecurity,

poverty, fear, hopelessness, despair, hunger, unemployment and

disillusionment are all products of electoral fraud, the type Asiwaju is

warning against and the type the jokers in Lagos PDP are striving so hard

to defend because they have no life outside stealing mandates of other

Nigerians for ulterior purposes. Is it strange that Lagos PDP sees the

arrest of whoever speaks out against election rigging as its own life

wire, having lost deposit with the people for the fifteen horrible years

they have supervised the demolition of the country?

“It is quite ridiculous, in league with the spate of incoherent and

infantile statements that ooze from the dwindling cult that calls itself

Lagos PDP that the party will try to tag Asiwaju's timely warning against

election rigging as capable of worsening the security crisis it presides

over in the country. Does the party need any star gazer to tell it that

the problem of insecurity among other myriads of problems that have

overwhelmed Nigeria today, is as a result of the shameless and criminal

manner the PDP manipulates elections for the past fifteen years to throw

up incompetent, hugely compromised leaders that surreptitiously divide

Nigerians along religious and ethnic lines for their selfish interests?

Lagos PDP is trying desperately to criminalize the timely warning of

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu so as to protect a more heinous and very criminal act

of election rigging, which is the main reason Nigeria has been hobbled

today. We warn the party that Nigerians are ever ready to arrest its

shameless thirst for stolen and diverted mandates and whoever tries to

steal the mandate of the people should be roasted to serve as a deterrent

to other electoral cheats.
“We want to join our voices with the inimitable Asiwaju to warn that those

who think Nigerians will continue to tolerate their wholesome rigging of

elections for purposes of self enrichment and mass pauperization, as the

PDP has done in the past fifteen years will either jettison that criminal

intent or face the wrath of the people. Whoever rigs should face the wrath

of the people and we feel that if PDP has no intent to rig, it should join

this crusade to ensure that Nigeria has a credible leadership selection

process to give it the right leaders to lead the recovery process from the

past fifteen years of locusts. Whoever subverts this must be treated as a

hoodlum, a criminal and coup plotter and should be roasted. Calling for

the arrest of whoever goes after an election rigger is a criminal way of

striving to ensure that the country remains perpetually submerged to the

evil of election rigging, the only hope the jesters in Lagos PDP cling to

access power”.