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Canada To Deport Son of Top Nigerian,Matthew Anuyah

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Matthew Anuyah came to Canada three years ago to attend university and make a future for himself.

Months later he was living in a crack house.
And now, just convicted of stabbing a neighbour following a dispute over a cigarette, he is awaiting certain deportation to his native Nigeria.

Prosecutors agreed to a “low end” sentence of 15 months time served, knowing Anuyah was already facing deportation for prior convictions for obstructing a peace officer, mischief and breaching court orders.

“The only thing keeping Mr. Anuyah in this country at this point is this particular file,” Crown attorney Mark Lafreniere told Justice Gerald Chartier. “Effectively he will be put on a plane sent back to Nigeria.”

Defence lawyer Kristin Jones said Anuyah, the son of a Nigerian oil executive, was introduced to crack shortly after his arrival in Canada, at which time his life “shifted (away) from being a law-abiding university student.”

Court heard Anuyah was intoxicated July 5, 2012, when shortly before 2 a.m. he attended a neighbour's room and demanded a cigarette. When the man declined, an argument ensued and Anuyah stabbed the man eight times in the back and buttocks.

When another neighbour intervened, Anuyah tried to throw a shovel at the victim.

Court heard the victim's wounds were not deep and he did not suffer lasting injuries.

Anuyah claimed Wednesday he was defending himself from the victim who attacked him first..”