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2015 And The Mendacity of Politicians in Nigeria

By Elvis Iruh
Edo State Governor, 
Comrade Adams Oshiomhole
Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole
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By Eubaldus Enahoro

The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it. If you want to know where wickedness resides visit a politician whose stock in trade are lies to get to power by any means including terminating the life of anyone on their way.While they are canvassing for patronage from the people who should be the leader, but unfortunately in Nigeria it is the other way round, they go begging making promises upon promises.At this stage they become like jelly fish, obedient, submissive and ready to do your bidding. They come down so low to your level of reasoning and if possible they practically make you see that without you they cannot exist.They are so gifted with sweet tongue and fake humility to the extent that you begin to reckon with them and believe their every word that comes out from their mouth.From obscurity, they work their way into your sub consciousness and before you know it you become their fan and you begin to see what was not there.But when

they get what they want you can hardly see them, they build fences around themselves, their hangers on prevent you from seeing them.Some Nigerian politicians are gifted liars because they must convince their audience with promises which end up only on the lips and sometimes on the drawing board.They abound all over the place that today you cannot tell who among them is worthy of being the servant of the people which they have sworn to be on oath.When it is time for election the gullible masses stake out their necks ready to die for the politician and some actually die in the process only to be forgotten as the days goes by.The electorates come out in their numbers irrespective of the scorching sun or heavy down pour to cast their votes for their preferred candidate. Sometimes they brave the odds and take unnecessary risks to come out on election day when the thugs of the different political parties are flexing muscles as a show of superiority and

opportunity to use the latest weapons of destruction in their possessions.Because they have been brain washed by the politicians, what they get for all their labour are peanuts to entice them to cast their votes for them only with a promise to do more when elected.It is when they are eventually elected into the office, that the eyes of the electorates are open to the fact that they have only been used and dumped with the consolation that there is always a next time.But the irony still remains that when next this same politicians who have held political office to enrich themselves come back to the electorates with those same lies, he or she gets away with it and they are given the mandate to represent them again.That is why we have the same set of politicians being recycled in the system for one juicy position to another right from the federal to state and local government administration.It is common to find in Nigeria a politician occupying a

political office for twelve years and that person will still be struggling to contest election for another tenure of four years, while others are moving up from one office to another all in the name of being a system person.It is however sad to note that some politicians have arrogated to themselves the birth right of certain political offices and they are ready to die if they are told to relinquish such positions for another person.There are those who specialize in causing confusion, name dropping and dragging the revered traditional institution in to politics just to get their way.From the score card of some of our politicians it is obvious that they are more concerned about their selfish interest and they have not kept to the promises they made thereby leaving the electorates to regret coming out to cast their votes for them.They have discovered that the politicians only preoccupation is to enrich themselves to the detriment of the masses who

elected them. A local government chairman who was staying in the house of his parents before being elected within few months now own gigantic edifice in the village, Benin, Lagos and Abuja along with fleet of exotic vehicles.This is the same all over, the profligacy of our political office holders is beyond comprehension. The money meant for the development of our towns and communities, provision of infrastructures, employment opportunities are in the pockets of these politicians, therefore what do we really expect as the future of the nation becomes bleak by the day.That is why the advice of Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to royal fathers recently to shun the empty promises of politicians is very timely as the 2015 electioneering year draws near.The royal fathers were told to ignore politicians who make empty promises but have nothing to offer the people. “As we approach the 2015 elections, we politicians and myself inclusive are

going to go round your domains and promise to put air conditioners everywhere.“Some of us might use ethnic sentiments where it suits us and to play one brother against another. This is the moment where your leadership will be brought to test because for some politicians the end justifies the means. Some will try to spread false rumours, spread disinformation but I pray that you will remain constant in your commitment to peace and security,” the governor had noted.This appeal should also go to every peace loving and progressive minded Nigerian who want the best for himself and the nation, we should as a matter of seriousness tell those phony politicians who do not have the interest of the people at heart to hide their head in shame and give those with a good heart the space to seek the mandate of the people.

By Eubaldus Enahoro