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Religious Treason

Source: Dr. Sylvester Okere
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Many Nigerians home and in the Diaspora are unconsciously tribal & ethnic minded that they forget the genesis of today's problem. 'What is happening in Nigeria is never New.' And it's not a Goodluck Jonathan's problem or any political party's. It is very unfortunate that at President Jonathan's government is when these "cultic" religious fanatics chose to reinvent their usual way of attacks on innocent souls. Because they've learnt from the wickedness of Al-Qaeda-the global militant Islamist and

Osama Bin Laden's 911 "Terror" attack. In the past, these attacks was commonly known to be "Religious Rioting mainly in the north" The bad news is that our leaders; past, present, dead, alive, Christian & Muslim had done nothing to eradicate religious fanaticism and we are likely to continue to experience the widening of this hatred and divisiveness promoted by Islamic 'fundamentalist' until every leader from the north will sincerely own up to expose those involve in these atrocities of religious fanaticism. Nigeria shouldn't be a terrorist nation. Nigeria (nationwide) needs an enforceable religious tolerance that promotes respect of Christianity & Islam by embracing separation of Religion & State to stop the North from continues harboring of treachery/religious treason. Isaac and Ishmael lived and prospered together: Abraham loved Ishmael just as much as he loved Isaac (Genesis 21:9-13), and Ishmael (the ancestor of the Arab people) and his descendants were loved and blessed by God (Genesis 21:13,18) just as were the descendants of Isaac (the ancestor of the Jews, and other Israelites of the other 11 tribes), but in a different way, for a different purpose.

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