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Igbo Presidency: On 2015 We Stand!!!

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We the entire members of Njem Igbo Movement , the group with a total dedication to the politically, socially and economically repositioning of the Igbo Nation, having resolved to reenact and continue the 2015 clamour for a Nigeria President of Igbo extraction, do hereby today being Monday 14th day of April , 2014 here in Owerri declare the campaign open by launching the collection of 10 million signatories for the petition against Igbo marginalization and the support for a Nigeria president of Igbo extraction, which is phase one of the strategies mapped out to realize the dream.

We want to thank those who have already identify with us across the five eastern states and in Diaspora, at the same time we are urging all true Igbo sons and daughters all over to endeavor to join, sign and support our noble campaign.

Nevertheless, We want to express our deep disappointment on the so called Igbo leaders who On Friday 11 April in Enugu state urged President Jonathan to declare for 2015 presidential election, we also at the same time direct our displeasure towards Ohaneze Ndi Igbo who has sold their birthright as they are now known for supporting any government on power to go for the next tenure even at the detriment of Igbo people even to some extend discouraging and intimidating Igbo presidential aspirants.

We want to state categorically clear that both the so called Igbo leaders and Ohaneze are not speaking the mind of the Igbo masses which is the 'Oha'. Instead they are just seeking selfish ambitions of filing their coffers with gold and over feed like the biblical cow of basham. You all are bunch of cowards, sycophants who are busy making a leaving forgetting to make a life for the Igbo race. we are mobilizing against you..

While every other tribe in Nigeria are busy preparing for the 2015 battle, Igbo leaders are busy queuing up on the of sycophancy's line of pity . It's a calamitous shame if Igbos could not present any presidential candidates come 2015. Imagine an Olympic game without the color of your country, you will just be watching and clapping for others. We refuse to play safe as it not an option, If we don't go after what we want, we will never have it. If We don't make steps forward, we will always remain in the same place! we have make decision to call for our own shots in 2015 , we are sensitizing and mobilizing the Igbo masses for this noble cause, what Ohaneze is saying or doing to sabotage us is non of our concern. Our 2015 mission is not only to restore the visibility of an Igbo in Nigeria politic but to win the election and lead Nigeria.

We maintained and believe that 2015 not 2019 present the best opportunity for Ndi Igbo and we will not wish it away. Igbo presidency is the best thing for Nigeria Igbo man hold the key to Nigeria economic and security libration.

Today we launch back the campaign with some act of activism, pressure and as well diplomacy. We cannot be bribed, intimidated or blackmailed out from this struggle.. The Nigerian state must acknowledge the necessity of a president of Igbo extraction. Nigeria has been 53 years old and an Igbo man has only been head of state for 6 months. The Igbo have remained a major pillar of the ruling party. In this connection, our marginalisation is clearly not in sync with our proven abilities, capacity, patriotism and contribution to the evolution of the Nigerian state. Today, we are blatantly marginalized.

We urge president Jonathan to shelve his 2015 ambition and support the emergence of an Igbo president in Nigeria, giving to the enormous support he received from the Igbos in 2011 election otherwise the entire Igbo Masses will root against him and his party.

Igbo Presidency; On 2015 We Stand


Paschal Ndudi Ego Igbo

Convener , Njem Igbo Movement World Wide