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2015: Tinubu Dumps Atiku …As Obasanjo Cautions On Muslim/Muslim Ticket

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Fresh facts have revealed that the whole idea of the extremely controversial Muslim/Muslim ticket making the rounds within the All Progressive Congress (APC),  is an agenda being pushed by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu despite push backs by high ranking members.

It was learnt that even  Ex president Olusegun Obasanjo had called Tinubu and told him the move was dead on arrival. Obasanjo insisted Tinubu should push for Adams Oshimhole, Rotimi Amaechi or Rochas Okorocha to be running mate to any Muslim candidate that emerges. The former President also warned him against insisting on consensus.

Moreover, it was learnt that Governors Oshiomhole, Okorocha, Fashola and Amaechi have prevailed on Tinubu to dump the idea.

Said our source “ Obasanjo told him to pick a candidate, back him and go to congress. Just like (Obasanjo) did with Jonathan and Late Yar'Adua. He told him to not think of such Muslim/Muslim arrangement, or some consensus, as it may split the party and send wrong signals to Nigerians. Baba said , back an aspirant, mobilize for him, and go to primary.

One of the arrow heads of this plot is interim spokesman, Lai Mohammed who said ““On pairing with Asiwaju in the presidential ticket, given the toxic nature of the sensibilities surrounding religion, one can say that going by hindsight that what led to the failure of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) alliance prior to 2011 presidential election was the search for Christian pair. With a wider platform one does not see this as a problem now, when we search from South-East, South-West to South-South.” gathered that to actualize the plot, Tinubu has perfected plans to ensure no competitive congress is held by the APC. Congress scheduled for May 24. This push for Muslims to be number one and two,  has already claimed one of its very vocal member, Femi Fani-Kayode, who appears to be on his way back to the PDP.

According to our source, Tinubu had consistently insisted no congress should be  held in any of its states. This directive ensured all those who showed interest in Ogun, Ekiti and Osun were muzzled out . Lagos is a special case.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that Tinubu has already anointed Governor Babatunde Fashola's successor. Issue of primary has been foreclosed. Just like he picked Fashola, and Deputy ex deputy Governor, Femi Pedro. He picks men who are not rabid politicians; sound but prone to being arm twisted when push comes to shove.  The new boy on the block is 51 year old technocrat, Akinwunmi Ambode. Ex Accountant-General, a Christian, retired civil servant and public finance expert. Running mate Abike Dabiri-Erewa, a muslim.

This choice was made by Tinubu to push back those who are kicking over his move to be VP in Lagos. He has assured them Fashola has a spot in the Senate.

According to our source, when he met with all the Lagos council chairmen few

weeks ago, in a bid to sell his Muslim/Muslim ticket agenda, he assured them that he conceded the Lagos chief executive spot to a Christian, and that his wife is a Christian, his quest to be Buhari's VP should not be a problem.

Said the source “ Tinubu is a master strategist. He picked Ambode for a reason. He did it for himself, not for the Christians. This is the first time a Christian would be Governor, so it looks okay to him. You can see in Ekiti, Osun no primary, he directed that. So now he wants to force consensus down the throats of others.”

This agenda for a Muslim/Muslim ticket  was further moved to the front burner when the party met. He not only said chairman, Bisi Akande, and Scribe, Tijani Tumsah to serve as chairman and secretary of the convention committee, and that every office should be by consensus.  This led to a verbal war between Tinubu and Senator Modu Sheriff. The former Borno Governor wondered why Tinubu wanted to run the APC like he did the Action Congress.

Our source said that Tinubu's initial choice was Atiku Abubakar, but changed his mind when it became apparent that it may not be easy to convince Atiku to pick him as VP. Atiku is disposed to a southern Christian as VP. This is also the reason why he is not disposed to Kwankwaso. hinted that Tinubu's push for consensus was to ensure Buhari emerges. According to our source, Tinubu is aware that if a primary holds, Atiku or Kwankwaso  will rout Buhari. He is also mindful of the fact that members like Fashola, Bukola Saraki, Nasir El Rufai would have preferred a younger person. Even though El-Rufai has no problems with a Muslim/Muslim ticket, he prefers Kwankwaso/Fashola pair. Others who are averse to a Buhari as standard bearer are Tom Ikimi, Ogbonnaya Onu and Modu Sheriff. They argue that Kwankwaso would do better in the North east and North West because of his age, track record and current performance as Governor. These men also detest the idea of a Muslim/Muslim ticket.

Said our source “ He is aware if they go for primary Buhari may lose to  Kwankwaso or Atiku, considering clout and cash. Do not forget, Tinubu cannot tell Atiku or Kwankwaso  who to pick as VP. So he has told Buhari why he (Tinubu) shd be his  VP. He told the tale of the Fashola, Onu, Ikimi ,Rufai's antagonism and that Atiku and Kwankwaso have more cash to sway delegates. So  he would push for a consensus which is the only way out for Buhari. And if he makes it happen Buhari would have no choice..  “

Another source said “ Tinubu has overreached himself by his disposition to some issues in the party, which, in his estimation, could affect the fortunes of the party, you cannot be insisting on consensus for selfish reasons. He has done it in Ekiti and Osun, now he is pushing it to the national. Lets wait and see. ….he forgets that the prefects he groomed are now principals in their own right,” the source volunteered. “Nobody will allow him to trade off this golden opportunity for the change Nigerians earnestly yearn for in 2015. He can be pardoned for what he did to Ribadu in 2011 presidential election, but not now.”