The Fraud From Nigerian Bureau Of Statistics And 2015


Afraid of the impending defeat in the forthcoming elections, the ruling

party PDP has imported economic magicians from the Nigerian Bureau of

Statistics to wet the ground for them in preparation for the 2015

Presidential Elections.  In the next few months Experts in opinion polls

from the Nigerian Media Industry will follow suit in this game of adding

two and two to get 10 not 4.  As it were, the ruling party is not thinking

of how to win elections but how to remain in power at all cost no matter

whose ox is gored.
Front Page Reports in almost all Nigerian Newspapers today, tell us that

Nigeria's Economy has overtaken that of South Africa.  The reports say

'Nigeria has moved to be the largest economy by GDP size in Africa and

has moved to be the 26th largest economy in the World….† The NBS

reports says GDP hits $510b in 2013 and pushed South Africa to second

position at $370b under the same period.
Now, no one can stop Nigerian Bureau of Statistics from celebrating their

bloated and useless figures.  Infinite capacity to manufacture lies and

deceive Nigerians has been the hallmark of the ruling Party and its

janjaweed agents and spin doctors.
In 2012 Nigeria's GDP - per capita (PDP) is $2800 while South Africa

GDP - Per Capital (PPP) stood at $ 11600.  In an article written by

Aminu Mohammed titled; Southern African Invasion in Nigeria listed South

African Companies operating in Nigeria as follows:  MTN, Power Giant,

Eskom Nigeria, South African Airways, Stanbic Merchant Bank of Nigeria,

Multichoice, Umgeni Water, Refresh products, PEP Retail Stores, Shoprite,

LTA Construction, Protea Hotels, Critical Rescue International, South

African-Nigeria Communications, Global Outdoor Semces, Oracle, Airtime

just to mention a few of them.  About 14 Southern African Companies have

been contracted to collect revenues for PHCN.  Many Nigerians are hooked

to DSTV than our own local TV Stations to watch Various football programs

and other Sports, CNN, Aljezeera, Sky News, VCC etc.  Nigeria has only

local branch of Union Bank, First Bank, Philips Construction, News Media

and one or two others.  South Africa WineMakers have seized nearly 50% of

the Nigerian Wine Market and hospitality business.  South Africa exports

technology, they build heavy Industries, build cars and trucks.  You need

to see the Infrastructure in South Africa from Johannesburg to Pretoria

and to Durban.  You need to see their International Airports, the road

networks and the Industries left and right as you move from Oliver Tambo

International Airport to Pretoria.
Nigeria is now under 1000 MW of electricity while South Africa has 45,700

MW. South Africa is a superpower, Nigeria is not. Nigeria produces nothing

for export except crude oil and imports everything.  What it took to

reveal the level of unemployment in Nigeria is the recent NIS tragic

recruitment exercise where Millions turned up for nothing more than 3000

jobs.  17 Nigerians died as a result of stampede.  Insecurity is

threatening Nigeria since the past six years without any solution to the

problem.  It is taking Nigeria 50 years to start building the second

Nigeria Bridge. The Bridge was commissioned in 1965.  It is taking

Nigeria 40 years to start rebuilding the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.  Nigeria

has more than 100 Universities but how many of them can compete with world

class Universities?
Nigeria has many Teaching Hospitals but how many of them are Centres of

Excellence?  Nigeria is running a Nollywood economy and to compare Nigeria

and South Africa is making an apple and orange comparison.  There is

nothing to compare. South Africa is far ahead of Nigeria in terms of

everything.  The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics are very funny people who

want to ridicule Nigeria in the comity of Nations.  The world and those

who know better will be mocking Nigeria now with this 21st Century  fraud.

Very soon the fraudsters at NBS will attempt to replace South Africa with

Nigeria in BRICS, to rea BRICN.  Ndiala (mad people).  Experts have ben

putting a lie to their Concortions.  They called it vanity upon vanity.

These baseless statistics have not put infrastructure in place in Nigeria,

they have not created jobs, they have. not increased PPP, they have not

put food on the table, they have not put more money in our pockets, they

have not improved our schools, hospitals, our flawed security systems, our

dying power sector, our fraud-ridden energy sector, they have not reduced

the deadly corruption virus that is progressively eating away our nation,

etc.  it is a sick joke on a country where the World Bank reports more

than 100 million of its purported 140 million people live below two United

States dollars a day.
If the NBS statistics is in a book form, please call it a Book of

nothingness.  A school of thought says†Nobody enjoys a song without

melody.  Nobody enjoys a dance without motion.  A book in which nothing is

written is not different.  Nobody enjoys a book that says nothingâ€.

Nigerian Leaders have been deceiving Nigerians for a longtime now but they

cannot deceive the world.  South Africa is far ahead of Nigeria, all

things considered.
Joe Igbokwe