National Conference: The Odumakin couple and the Children of Anger.


By Olufemi Lawson
National Conference: The Odumakin couple and the Children of Anger.

Having read several comments from some members of the Nigerian cyber space

or I dare say a few who sees nothing good in goodness itself, I laughed

and wish to appreciate God's gift to us as a nation better than we

presently do.
Yinka and Joe Odumakin ( The only couple in the ongoing CONFAB) are what I

like to refer to as the Robin Hood of the public conscience. They stand

out ax one couple incorruptible.
The Odumakins are a militant unrepentant crusaders for Social Justice.

Whoever their critics might be, they are dangerous. They are dangerous not

only because of their brilliance, their arithmetic , their courage, they

are dangerous because they are incorruptible.
They have perhaps been amongst the greatest defenders of public right and

have continuously helped the ordinary people to get justice where most

times it is unaffordable.
While Yinka (the Husband) is the Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, the

foremost Yoruba Socio Political group which fought for our nascent

democracy and has over the years been at the fore front Of the clamor for

a National Conference, Joe remains one of Africa's most consistent voice

in the advocacy of Human Right particularly that of the women. Dr. Joe

Okei Odumakin by all standard qualifies for what you can best describe as

a virtuous woman who has continuously be recognize the the people, she is

the first Nigerian woman to be recognized by the government and the people

of the United States of America when she was conferred with the US Woman

of Courage Award by the America First Lady, Mrs Mitchell Obama.

The Odumakins are what I can call the Nigerian version of Louis Brandels.

They have had to fight to tame an uncivilized land and villains who exist

outside the law.
Not infrequently, they depict a sheriff or some other hero who has taken a

stand in the face of overwhelming danger. This couple has taken it on

themselves to each our semi-civilized society about tolerance and social

For Joe, her role has been the defense of those who are left out of the

larger “classy” society. Fortunately, She found an ally in her husband in

her effort at defending rights and crusade for social justice. Yinka and

Joe Odumakin depicts the contemporary liberal ideas of tolerance,

environmentalism and Social Justice.
As they continue to engage in all these efforts, their enemies are

displaying ignorance, prejudice, panic and mob mentality in order to

destroy what they don't understand.
This perhaps capture the cries about their presence and contributions to

National Development at the National Conference. At a time like this, who

are those needed to discuss our National issues other than those who have

an unstained known record of commitment to the growth of this nation and

her people.
May I remind the detractors of the Odumakins who I refer to ad the

“Children of Anger” that this couple did not emerge as delegates to the

National Conference as a couple so to say, but earned their presence in

the confab by their INDIVIDUAL RIGHT and contribution to the Nigeria

project through their years of effort.
For those making unnecessary Noise of the Odumakin couple's presence at

the National Conference, why not you and your wife? Why can't you and

your wife do things to be known and accepted for and be counted to stand

For Yinka and Joe, never get distracted since genuine Nigerians keeps

appreciating your steadfastness and Sacrifice.
Olufemi Lawson,
Secretary General,
Project Nigeria Coalition.