Nigeria: SSS Confirms 21 Deaths After Failed Jailbreak By Terrorists


SAN FRANCISCO, March 30, (THEWILL) -  The Department of State Security Services (SSS) has confirmed the death of 21 detained terrorists that unsuccessfully attempted a jailbreak on Sunday morning at the holding facility located at its headquarters in Abuja.

The SSS had earlier said that the detainees disarmed an SSS operative who had gone to serve them breakfast inside their cell Residents reported hearing heavy gunfire on Sunday morning around the facility, located just outside the Presidential Villa, Nigeria's seat of power.

Agents at the scene said a detainee received a smuggled pistol along with his breakfast, and used it to shoot a guard who had unlocked his handcuffs so he could eat.

It was unclear if the guard survived.
The agents spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to reporters, the Associated Press said in a report.

A further statement on Sunday by the spokesman of the SSS, Ms.

Marilyn Ogar said, 'Following our earlier releases, it has been established that eighteen (18) casualties were recorded, while two (2) Service personnel sustained serious injuries.

Three (3) other detainees who sustained gunshot injuries during the incident have also died.

'Meanwhile, investigation is still ongoing to ascertain the immediate and remote causes.

'We wish to state that the roads leading to the office were cordoned-off to prevent possible assistance from external collaborators.

During this period, the precinct of the office and adjoining neighborhoods were thoroughly searched.

'Meanwhile, normalcy has returned to the area as the roads have been opened for free movement of persons and vehicles.

We wish to restate our commitment to the safety of the people and the Nigerian nation at large.