PDP Says APC Party of Hypocrites, Wolfs

Source: pointblanknews.com

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the All Progressives Congress

(APC) of
working with external forces to undermine the country's democracy.

The PDP in a statement by its spokesman Chief Oliseh Metuh said “We have

the ill-conceived and wicked offensive deployed by the APC wherein it has now

resorted to attacking the personality of individuals and institutions of

using a section of the media.
“In the last few days, the media have been awash with paid write-ups and

advertorials by the APC using resources meant for the development of their

states to
castigate, discredit and ridicule PDP officials and other well meaning

in the country.
“It is rather despicable that instead of coming out with tangible

explanations that
would delink it from the negatives for which Nigerians have rejected it,

the APC,
now haunted by its ugly shadow, has resorted to yet another diversionary

tactics of
propaganda, blackmail and falsehood, this time, using paid consultants

as newspaper columnists to attack and insult individuals including the

person of
President Goodluck Jonathan.
“We however wish to restate that the PDP is not perturbed by these attacks

and they
cannot deter us from exposing the APC. We completely stand by our position

that the
APC is a party of unpatriotic persons whose agenda is to destroy our

democracy and
the unity we enjoy as a nation.
“This wave of attack is clearly part of APC's “Janjaweed” ideology of

and inciting the people against individuals, especially government

officials, in
furtherance of the plot to undermine the system and balkanize the nation

ethnic and religious lines ahead of the 2015 general elections; an agenda

which has
already failed.
“We are aware that the APC has engaged the services of foreigners who have

been imported into the country to do the hatchet job in collaboration with

the paid
consultants who pocket as much as N5 million naira for each negative

“We are however aware of failed efforts by the APC to compromise credible

columnists and bloggers, who for the love of our dear country and fear of God

refused to be made agents of destabilization.
“Nigerians must insist that the APC declares the source of the billions of

with which it is sponsoring the negative publications. We must ensure that

the funds
are not coming from the resources meant for the development of their

states where
the people are already subjected to untold hardship on account of the

looting and
heavy taxes by the APC.
“As an ill-bred party, it is not surprising that the APC has continued to

crass hatred for the President even to the extent of unleashing their

thugs to
attack innocent citizens for the singular reason of being in possession

of posters
of President Goodluck Jonathan.
“Nigerians are now aware that the APC is a party of hypocrites; of wolves in

messianic robes seeking to deceive with the promise of change. We wish to

categorically that the APC as presently constituted has nothing to offer.

It is not
an alternative to the PDP neither is it an option to Nigerians. Its

mantra of change remains cosmetic, hypocritical and hollow, unless we now

speak of
change from democracy to dictatorship.
“By every indication, the APC is a rudderless ship heading for crisis and

destruction. We want Nigerians to note that whilst the leaders of the APC

continued to focus on attacking people and causing confusion, the PDP has

focused on
sensitizing the people as well as strengthening and expanding its support

“Whilst the APC leaders have relegated their duty of organizing their

party ahead of
elections and remain fixated on mischief, PDP leaders are working hard to

our members in all the states, local government and wards of the country

for a
successful outing in 2015.
“Nigerians must note that as we match towards the general elections, the

APC has no
single democratic structure on the ground. It still lacks genuine

followership and
has no defined presence at the grassroot. On the other hand, the PDP

remains the
party with the largest number of members and supporters and shall continue

to be
committed to the national interest for the good of all.

“We wish to remind the APC that he who fails to work, works to fail. This

is the
ultimate fate that awaits them in 2015 and they should have nobody but

themselves to
blame. Of course, as bad losers, the only plan the APC has perfected is to

the people and unleash mayhem in furtherance of its greater plot to

truncate our
democracy by reenacting the ugly experience of December 1983. This agenda

has also
failed as Nigerians are no longer in the dark regarding who the true

enemies of our
dear country are.”