Ekiti PDP Gubernatorial Primary Election: A Fraud That Cannot Stand - Adeyeye

By Prince Adedayo Adeyeye

Last Saturday, what some people referred to as primary election to elect the governorship candidate of our party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Ekiti was held, with an illusion that someone, whose membership of the PDP is under contention has emerged as the party's candidate.

Ekiti PDP had 14 aspirants screened and cleared for the governorship contest. But on Saturday, only Mr Ayo Fayose contested the so-called primary election, obviously against himself. 13 other aspirants boycotted it!

To even demonstrate that the purported primary election was programmed to be contested by Fayose alone, when the 13 aspirants went to the venue, they were TEAR-GASSED by the Police and prevented from entering the venue. This they did with instruction from the organisers of the sham primary election, not even minding whether or not the aspirants were there to participate in the exercise.

Apart from the 13 aspirants, who shunned the exercise, other key stakeholders of the PDP in Ekiti State did not participate in it. The State Chairman, Chief Makanjuola Ogundipe, the three Senatorial Chairmen; Hon Tunde Olatunde (North); Hon Femi Ogunleye (Central) and Alhaji Gani Bankole (South) as well as the State Legal Adviser; Hon Kola Adefemi, Financial Secretary; Mr Akutupu and Auditor; Tunji Olarewaju did not participate in the exercise.

Out of the 15 Assistant State officers, only FIVE participated in the exercise, while only SEVEN out 16 LGs Party Chairmen and only FIVE LGs Party Secretaries out of 16 participated in it.

In Ekiti State, PDP has produced TWO Governors, THREE Acting Governors, FOUR Deputy Governors and SIX Speakers.

Out of the two former governors of the PDP, only Fayose participated in Saturday's charade as an aspirant, none of the former Acting Governors were at the exercise, only Mrs Biodun Olujimi was there out of the three former deputy governors, and of the six PDP former Speakers, only Femi Bamisile participated. Also, Speaker of the old Ondo State and Coordinator of the Goodluck/Sambo Campaign in Ekiti State, Rt. Hon. Femi Akinyemi simply stayed away from the exercise.

Even the first elected Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Paul Alabi and the first Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kola Adefemi shunned the exercise.

Out of the TWO BOT members from Ekiti, only Mrs Olujimi participated in the exercise. Prof Tunde Adeniran, the accepted leader of the PDP in Ekiti did not take part in the charade.

Between 1999 and now, PDP has produced FIVE Senators and EIGHT House of Reps members. Only Senators C.K. Awoyelu and Sola Akinyede and former Rep members Duro Faseyi and Kehinde Odebunmi participated in the exercise.

Most importantly, PDP has TWO serving members in the Ekiti State House of Assembly; none of them participated in the so-called primary election!

All these PDP officials are AUTOMATIC DELEGATES that ought to have participated in the exercise, and it remains to be seen how the intention of President Goodluck Jonathan to win Ekiti State can be achieved with the absence of key stakeholders in the State PDP from the sham primary election.

A total of 849 delegates (both adhoc and automatic) ought to have participated in the party primary election - 531 Adhoc Ward Delegates and 318 Automatic Delegates.

However, in the charade of last Saturday, which purportedly produced Fayose as the PDP candidate, only 477 delegate votes were recorded. Meaning that a total of 372 delegates shunned the exercise!

Even majority of the 477 votes recorded at the last Saturday's sham primary election were from FAKE Delegates because the manipulators of the exercise could not muster enough human personnel to impersonate the delegates. In actual fact, more than 80 percent of those who gave the 477 votes recorded at the charade called primary election were FAKE delegates.

For instance, we have it on good authority that what was needed for anyone to enter the venue was to answer whatever names that were called as delegates. We know of someone, who entered the venue as Akomolafe Dele (Ise/Orun LG Ward 2). He was one of the delegates who voted.

We then ask:
Why was the list of Delegates not made public before the so-called primary election?

Assuming but not conceding that 477 real delegates voted, where were the other 372 delegates that ought to have voted at the primary election?

Can PDP win election with a candidate produced by a primary that was shunned by majority of the party stakeholders?

Our State Chairman, Makanjuola Ogundipe had in a press statement on Friday, faulted the party's Ward Congresses held on Wednesday; saying "Election materials never reached the five of the sixteen local governments, but unfortunately there were results returned for the councils.

Ogundipe said fake and illegal LGs Returning officers collected election materials and went away to unknown destinations. The Local Government where election material never reached were: Ekiti South West, Ekiti West, Emure, Ise/Orun, Ado and Gbonyin.

Curiously, results of 15 LGs were compiled by the Committee from Abuja.

As at Friday, the results of the Ward Congresses were not available either at the Party secretariat or with the security agents, and up till the morning of Saturday, the day the purported primary was held, no list of delegates was made public.

With all that we have stated above, it should be clear to discerning minds that what happened in Ekiti State on Saturday was a charade and it cannot stand. It will only be allowed to stand if the intention of our party leaders in Abuja is not for PDP to win the June 21, 2014 election.

Giving the enthusiasm of the PDP members in Ekiti State for the upcoming election, discerning minds should be worried by the number of delegates that participated in the primary, which was slightly above 50 per cent. 477 votes in an election that should involve 849 PDP members is no doubt a rejection of the entire process.

It will be unthinkable for a party like the PDP, which is being looked up to by the entire people of Ekiti, to believe that the June 21 election can be won with a candidate, who emerged through a so-called primary election that was shunned by major stakeholders of the party, including the State Chairman, the three Senatorial Chairmen, State Financial Secretary and Auditor; 10 out of 15 Assistant State Officers, nine out of 16 LG Party Chairmen, 11 out of 16 LG Party Secretaries, among others. In short, the last Saturday charade was rejected by 75 per cent of the Party office holders in Ekiti State.

Since that Saturday charade, the morale of Ekiti people, who had hoped that the PDP would rescue them from the misrule of the present government in the State, has waned. The people are dejected, they are openly expressing their disappointments in our party, and unless something is done urgently, it is unlikely that Ekiti people will forgive us for dashing their hopes.

Therefore, if June 21 is not going to be just about sharing election fund and producing just a candidate that will not be elected as governor, our leaders in Abuja, especially the National Leader, President Goodluck Jonathan should intervene now.