Sadiq Abacha: it's never too late!

By Osobu Suuru Alexander

Having read your open letter to Prof. Wole Soyinka, I discovered probably what others had not discovered. You are quite brilliant than expected if actually you had written that piece. Because I have heard about your family and with the life-style of Mohammed Abacha I thought you are all drug addicts, and that is the problem we are facing in Nigeria where the leaders (like your father) are drug addicts and alcoholics. But I think you are an exception if you had written that open letter, I know even if the government should confiscate all your assets you will not be as poor as Dangote- like your drug addict mother said. But with all the ill-gotten money you could as well pay a Professor to write for you.

Mohammed Abacha is the true son of his father, no wonder everything was done to ensure he remains the first son of the late dictator, like father like son! I heard he packs women like senior Abacha. Ehen! That remains me, how did your father die? There have been different controversial versions on the death of your father but the most popular one is that: he died in the hands of prostitutes he smuggled in from overseas, that one of the prostitutes accidentally or is it intentional bite off his manhood. Is it true, Sadiq? If it is true it means your father (Abacha) was buried without manhood! How will he enjoy the 72 virgins that will be given to him in heaven! Oh! It is unfortunate; it means virgin- ladies will mock him for being castrated! And the same step your elder brother (Mohammed) is taking. Please, talk to him instead of wasting your precious time to address a common writer, Soyinka (according to you) who has won the highest honour (Nobel laureate) in the world which despite your father ill-gotten wealth he could not buy for himself.

People like you have not come to the real world, I know you have pairs of shoes but I also know you don't know how they were made, the same thing applicable to your clothes, your boxers and I know you have ever eaten pounded yam but you don't know how it grows and you think you have come to the real world when you can not explain state of things in their natural law. For you to know that your father is a drug addict who did not value lives during his terror-reign in Nigeria, just make attempt to go and take a stroll on the street of Katsina and see if your life will ever remain the same again. Don't you ever pray to leave a legacy behind for your children like the one your father (Sani Abacha) left for you. And you will remain sadder if you make attempt to defend your late father, your father had lived his negative life-style and gone forever and his never can never be erased from bad book of life, that is posterity judging him. Live your own life and try to write your name on the good side of history

Back to your letter, you said quite reasonable things which is the first time any of the Abachas would be reasonable even though, the overall objective of writing the letter will never ever be justifiable. Talking about how we can chart a common course to have a united and indivisible Nigeria. I think I am ready for that and I will raise some suggestions if I were you I will accept them:

· If you would visit Kaduna, please, pay a visit to Kano road and see how million Nigerians are suffering and this was one of the actions of your father because he stole all the money meant for these people, so, from this stupendous wealth of your father do something to better their lives. They are human beings like you and I can authoritatively tell you that, 65% of these people share the same faith with you.

· Help us disband Boko Haram because the unity you talk about which I love so much, Boko Haram is a more potent threat than what Soyinka said.

· I want you to also start living an examplenary life that can promote religious tolerance.

· If there is a way you can invest your father's stolen money in the Nigerian economy so that people will no longer die looking for immigration jobs.

· Sadiq, please tell your family members to love the poor masses.

NB: there is no need for you defending your father over centenary award that a common writer rejected, it's illogical!by Osobu Suuru Alexander (author)

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