APC playing double Standard in the fight against Corruption---Lagos PDP


The lagos State PDP has accused the APC of double standard in the fight against corruption.

The party's accusation is its position to the wave of Facts and Lies surrounding missing funds in the nations economy. According to the Party, the celebrated revelations are politically instigated by the opposition APC and only deliberate to embarrass the Goodluck Jonathan Administration.

It consequently describes the trend as portending danger for the Nation's economy and polity, especially in view of the inconsistencies in the figures reeled out in such purported revelations.

"On the face level, these revelations of missing funds in the economy may appear patriotic, but they are not truly patriotic. It is the handiwork of the opposition to embarrass the Goodluck Jonathan Administration. Unfortunately for the opposition, they are not even on good Moral standing to genuinely uncover corruption at the federal level, because for fact, there are a lot of outstanding issues of corruption in their various States and Local Governments.

Indeed, the complete takeover of the economy of Lagos State and the entire southWest by the APC National Leader is pending whereas the party is playing double standard, hypocriticaly reporting corruption at the federal level.

For sake of clarity, the issues of Lagos' missing funds in: Econet Wireless; ENRON Contract; Hijack of Local Council Funds; Takeover of Lagos State Property like: LASPOTECH Premises, School of Nursing Premises, Eti-Osa Council Premises amongst others are being covered up.

Similarly, the monumental fraud in the state's Civil Service and the issues surrounding the over 1.3 Trillion Naira Debt Profile of APC controlled Lagos State are also being covered up.

How does one explain the disappearance of Two Choppers and a Yacht belonging to APC controlled Lagos State. All these are begging for answers"

The Lagos State PDP has rather commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage to fight Corruption and in accordance with the Laws of the Land. "The fact that President Jonathan signed the FOI bill into an Act is enough to vindicate his resolve to fight corruption. This FOI ACT has also been domesticated in some PDP states. How many of the APC States, including Lagos state can do same"