By Evelyn Makinde (Miss)
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My attention has been drawn to the statement credited to Dr. Uzor Kalu, fomer Governor of Abia State on President Olusegun Obasanjo who he described as the worst Nigerian Leader since independence. He went further to explain that that his drive to provide jobs for the Youths of the country was circumscribed by President Obasanjo who closed down his fledgling companies 'SlokAir and Allied Bank where he had substantial interest. It is interesting that a man who once ruled a State for eight years is begging to be allowed to return to play politics. What a legacy

It is the lot of Nigeria that people with doubtful integrity make the greatest noise. Nigerians know a certain man who presented dud check during a launching ceremony in Maiduguri before he became a Governor. The citizens also know a former Governor who made an attempt to build the Official quarters of a Deputy Governor under him outside the State capital in order to make him redundant. The former Governor who could not work harmoniously with his Deputies ended up with three Deputies a record in Nigeria. The Public also know the former Governor who arm twisted the Senate of his State owned University to award him a first Bachelor Degree without attending classes talk less of writing examination. Nigerians are interested in knowing How many jobs he created as Governor when he had the opportunity before trumpeting job creation mantra out of Office. Whatever the like of Kalu may say, posterity will not forget Aremu Obasanjo who fought in the civil war to keep Nigeria one and actually received the instrument of surrender from the rebels. The man who actually started developing a new federal capital, the first African Military leader to willingly handed over power to civilians; the one that established Universal Basic Education for the country, the man who brought GSM for the rich and poor, the man who paid living wage to Nigerian workers, who made civil servants to own their own houses in Abuja, the one who set up the new funded Pension Scheme, who established the Health Insurance Scheme, Paid up Nigeria's debt, set up EFCC and ICPC to fight corruption, solved the Modakeke-Ife crises, the Ijaw-ishekiri crises the Tiv-Junku crises, the Agunleri-Amuleri crises, a man who appointed the most Pan-Nigeria Cabinet peopled by competent people in Nigerian history, a man who saved Nigerians from power-hungry soldiers through a reform which ensures that no ethnic group in the country can solely carry out a coup, a man who not only succeeded in completing his term but ensured peaceful hand over of power to another Nigerian from other ethnic group; the only Nigerian leader to have ruled as military and Civilian President. I won't mention his forays in the International scene where he has no rival. The list is endless.

Dr. Kalu should oblige us with other reasons beside his belly aching on account of his private business. Obasanjo has remained constant like the northern stars on the national question and has refused to be conscripted to any ethnic divide but Kalu has been dissipating his energy on the Igbo ethnic question just for influence pending value. The truth of the matter is that Obasanjo's place in the history of our country is assured for good and already cast in iron; while that of Kalu can at best be a footnote.

Evelyn Makinde (Miss)
13th March 2013

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