Ministerial Nomination: Why Bukola Saraki wants to Stop His Kid sister, Gbemisola.


Feelers from Ilorin, indicate Senator Bukola  Saraki has put together a 'war chest' to stop his kid sister, Gbemisola from getting a ministerial spot. According to our source “ Bukola has vowed to do all within his powers to stop his sister, Gbemi”

There have been speculations that Gbemi may be picked to represent Kwara in the President Goodluck Jonathan's cabinet. Others being speculated are Governor Peter Obi, Ibrahim Shekarau, Dele Belgore  and Attahiru Bafarawa.

But a campaign by Bukola, assisted by a section of the media and some All Progressive Congress' APC top shots in Kwara  is claiming  the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) would crack if Gbemi gets the states' spot. They allege that Bola Shagaya, one of the rallying points of the party in the state who busted former sports minister, Bolaji Abdullahi, at that Ilorin rally, was not disposed to Gbemi because she is not a 'team player” sources hinted that Bukola is uncomfortable and troubled over the possible emergence of his sister because Gbemi is privy to his moves, knows how to 'unlock' him , and was one of those who ensured his axe man, Abdullahi,  was sacked.

 Problem now is Bukola cannot afford to have Gbemi as minister. She could be too hot to handle. . Sources say Bukola   has hired some media men to orchestrate some phantom crisis in Kwara  PDP over Gbemi's speculated nomination.. A couple of newspapers are in the bag already. On Tuesday a couple concocted a spin saying there is in fighting in Kwara PDP over Gbemi, and that the PDP chairman, Adamu M'uazu, prefers Gbemi.

Part of the subterranean  campaign by the Bukola wing  is that the PDP leadership in Kwara prefers Jonathan to pick from the following , Professor Shuaibu Abdulkareem, Kunle Suyleman, Ibrahim Bio, John Dara, Senator Makanjuola Ajadi, Ibrahim Oloriegbe, and Lanre Issa Onilu who have been 'on ground' before Gbemi returned from  Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN).

But a top source in the PDP in Kwara debunked the claims. According to him, the state has very competent men and women who can be ministers, and that there was  nothing wrong with Gbemi. He said “  she is competent, has the clout and we know Bukola is very troubled by her rising profile so is sponsoring all these lies in the media. He know as a sister she knows his strength and weaknesses inside out”

Another top source at the PDP secretariat in Abuja told ”Buki has three younger ones, the others are on one side. He is alone in his fight. They think appointing Gbemi minister would be a problem for PDP, no it won't. What political weight does Bolaji have for instance but was minister for almost three years. He was retained for more than five months after Buki left for APC. What they don't get is that having Gbemi in PDP splits the Saraki support base. “

According to him “ Some of their father's loyalists will follow her because she has an office and she has Baba's spirit, generous like mad! But they don't even know whether they are considering her., Gbemi is very well educated.”

The source continued “Meanwhile the federal government has enough offices to go around all the stalwarts in Kwara. Ajadi is now Special Adviser, Oba is chair of Federal Character Commission, somebody will get the gubernatorial ticket, someone will contest as Senator, house of reps not to talk of board appointments and the rest.”

Our source added “ They cannot afford to  underestimate Jonathan and the power of the FG, and if Gbemi gets to Abuja, will definitely spell trouble for Bukola and his group. . Bukola  won the gubernatorial race against his dad in 2011 because he had so much money to spend as state governor and the FG was behind him. if not for ASA, one within Bukola's  Kwara Central senatorial district where the current Kwara  speaker, Atunwa comes from, Bukola  would have lost the senatorial elections “

He further told “ Things have changed a bit. The FG is not with him now, they cannot have as much money as they had in 2011 for these elections. Most importantly, let them go and check the results of the 2011 elections, Belgore as gubernatorial candidate for APC shocked everyone with the number of votes that he got, same with Bilikis Gambari who contested against Buki for the Senate seat. All these people have moved to PDP now, so are the supporters of Lawal. Saraki is really truly scared. You can even see that from all the programmes that they are rolling out now, employing this and that, giving this and that out, why now?”