Chief Peter Abang Ojie: Under Pressure from his People to Run?

By Elvis Iruh
Chief Peter Abang Ojie
Chief Peter Abang Ojie
Information reaching the Cross River State Bulletin news and the Underground watch reveal that the Honorable Commissioner of local government affairs in Cross River state is under pressure from his people and supporters to run in 2015. According to reliable sources reaching the underground watch desk the commissioner has declined to say anything about these recent developments when our correspondents met him in his home town.
According to sources the Commissioner has not been frequenting his village due to pressure from groups, and the entire community for him to declare his intension to run for an office. It can be re-called that the Speaker of the state House of Assembly a couple of days ago declared his intension to run in 2015. Based on the Speaker's declaration to run the pressure on him to run has been intensified according to sources.
Chief Peter Abang Ojie is one of the Chieftains of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Cross River State. He holds a B.Sc. in Political Science (Unilag), M.Sc. in International Relation (University of Uyo) and currently a PhD research student in Political Science at the University of Uyo. Chief Ojie is Knight of Saint John of the Catholic Church. chief Peter Abang Ojie is a Father, Brother, and Uncle to all within his immediate Community and the entire State.
He served as caretaker Chairman Ogoja local government in 2003-2004. He is the only party Chieftain that has served two tenures as the Deputy Chairman of the People's Democratic Party of the State from 2004-2011. He is presently the Honorable Commissioner for local government affairs in the state appointed by his Excellency Governor Imoke in 2012.
He is a grass root politician in Cross River State. His experience at the party machinery a couple years as the Deputy Chairman of the party is an asset not only to the people's Democratic Party but to the entire people of the state.
He is one of the strongest supporters of the present administration. His commitment, dedication, objectivity and loyalty to the Governor Imoke led administration cannot be exaggerated , he is one party stalwart who has never decamped or left the party even in the midst of challenges and difficulties. The party has always been seen by him as a family of a united Cross River state Citizens.
In his position as the Honorable Commissioner, the Ministry of local government affairs has undergone some meaningful improvement and drastic changes.
In view of the above, we see him as a likely candidate that can bring about a broad base, concrete and in depth consultation between other leaders in the zone and the entire people of Cross River State before major political decisions can be taken that are for the interest of all and sundry. He is a likely candidate that will bring about the fast tracking of equal representation across board amongst the political entities making up the zone and within the entire state.
However, his appointment as the commissioner of local governments in the state is not unconnected with his versatile knowledge on the machinery of the party in the state, people, culture and governance at the grass root and the state level.