By Paschal Egoigbo

Following the outcome of the last Executive meeting held in Owerri on February 7th 2014, We the Executive of Njem Igbo Movement on behalf of the entire members worldwide unanimously issue the following communiqué .

Knowing that a generation that doesn't understand politics nor take risks in making giant strides will have very little inheritance to leave for the next generation

Having watched the political trend and situation in Nigeria, and with utmost disappointment with the gimmick reactions of some Igbo elites in matters concerning the destiny of Ndi Igbo, NjemIgbo Movement; which is a grassroots Movement of Igbo people aimed at a total turn around the fate of Ndi Igbo, to reposition Ndi Igbo politically and otherwise, has come forward with some formidable plan of action among other things to revamp and actualize of The Igbo 2015 Presidential Ambition in Nigeria thereby ending the years long marginalization of the Igbos.

We condemn in totality the lukewarm attitude of Ohaneze NdiIgbo and some other Igbo social groups who turn dumb over the plight of Ndi Igbo, obviously for their selfish interest with the Power that be.

Over the years, Ohaneze has literally demonstrated some profundity of inferiority complex, Just for a morsel of meat offer to serve as an instrument of scuttling the Igbo presidential ambition in Nigeria. They chose to give up their birthright, shifting today's responsibility to become a herculean task for the younger generation.

Standing up for the Igbo Masses, we the Njem Igbo Movement, hereby demand that Ohanaze Ndi Igbo re-assume their duty on the clamor for a Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction. Or should explain to the masses in clarity the deal behind the reason to abscond their noble responsibility . In the spirit of service to our people, we are giving Ohaneze Ndigbo 14 days ultimatum to come back to order or else we the masses will commence a civil activism to resist their imposition to Igbo people. They should remember that Igbos are democratic by nature, therefore should not make decision off the consent of the masses.

Consequently , we call on Ndi Igbo all over the worlds to rise up, ignore the hallucination and mirages, blackmails, unreasonable excuses evil conspiracy of procrastination , deliberately designed by the Power that be and be executed by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and some other Igbo elites.

Having realized that sitting down , crying foul, playing sycophancy and expecting sympathy from power that be will not guarantee our desired goals and destiny in Nigeria. All over the world power is not giving, people make sober demand to take it. Ndi Igbo should not be fouled by waiting till eternity.

We call on Umu Igbo all over the world to rise up against the systematic marginalization of Igbos in Nigeria and actualization of the dream of a Nigeria President of Igbo extraction which is sinking under the supervision of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.

2015 present the finest opportunity for Ndi Igbo to bounce back and serve at the highest level of the country they have contributed and sacrificed much for.

Now is the time to reawaken the Igbo consciousness, our ingenuity, creativity , industrial and productive heritage

Its time to break the jinx and stop procrastination on actualization of Igbo Presidency in Nigeria.

Its time to stop following the politicians for politician is meant to follow us.

Today we call on President Goodluck Jonathan in the spirit of sincerity of appreciation to Ndi Igbo for the enormous support given to him when the battle was tough for him, to make the sacrifice and every other thing humanly possible for the actualization of Igbo Presidency come 2015..

Your Excellency, you might have the constitutional right to contest again in2015, but we suggest you take a leave from the late Mandela, who did not spend all his chances on power but made sacrifice and show example for others to follow.

Humanity will make you another reference point , African will venerate you, Nigeria will forever commit you to memory , Ndi Igbo will forever remain grateful and Ijwas/South south will always rise up with pride whenever you name is mention.

Your Excellency, No compensation again will equal to given Ndi Igbo the chance to feel being reintegrated in Nigeria if you will create the chance now for an Igbo Man in 2015 presidential election in Nigeria.

To all the political parties mostly the two outstanding political parties in Nigeria, we demand that in the spirit of reformation and changes which you preach , do demonstrate that you are really understand your mission for Nigerians, let your party led reintegration of Igbos into Nigeria political power arena .

Let it be know that Umu Igbo, will acknowledge and give enormous support to any political party that demonstrate their recognition of Ndi Igbo by given South East the presidential slot.

Today as we launch back the clamor for Igbo presidency, we wish to let the world know that is purely the masses affair, which include the market women, traders, students, keke riders, clergymen and lots more from the class of common men. Previous attempt end up in limbo , because the elite could not sustain the struggle or the are bribed out, but today the struggle get rooted as it start from the grassroot

Today as Njem is initiating activism, pressure to the clamor for Igbo presidency which is a noble cause. We request that those Igbos who do not believe on this project should not interfere with those doing it. Though We are moving through some unfamiliar course that can be emotionally unsetting, but we are recovering our sense of our identity and dignity with faith, persistence and determination. For We own it to ourselves to embark on this journey

We are putting all machinery on board minding that our biggest resistance could be from the Igbos as well, who might feel that we are removing them from sucking the breast of the government in power. We are mobilizing officer across all the communities and demand that every family will see it right to have a representative in this great movement

We enjoin Ndi Igbo to follow suit with us as we unleash strategies that will guarantee the realization of this great ambition. For it does not require much effort to pull down the wall of Jericho but only with trust in God and obedience to instruction. With 25% of Umu Igbo standing in support of this cause, we shall overcome. For the invisible hand that guides the affairs of men will cause our lines to fall into pleasant places.

Nothing in the book says that Igbo Man can't be president of Nigeria.

Let Our God guide us
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Paschal Egoigbo Remigus Nwabugo Coordinator Secretary

Paschal Egoigbo Remigus Nwabugo Coordinator Secretary