Tension In Anambra: Emeka Anyaoku, Dan Chuke, Osita Chidoka, Others Under Fire For Allegedly Threatening Brother’s Life

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Barely one week of accusing the Former Commonwealth Secretary Gen., Chief Emeka Anyaoku; the Corp Marshal of Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Osita Chidoka; and Nigeria's erstwhile Minister of Aviation for state, Chief Dan Chuke; of suppressing investigations to unravel the extrajudicial killings allegedly perpetrated by Igwe Albert Chidubem Iweka, the Monarch of Obosi kingdom, Idemili-North council of Anambra state, a- prominent son of the community, Prince Emeka Ike Orizu has said that the aforementioned are threatening to terminate his life and family.

Speaking in exclusive interview with www.okechukwuonuegbu.blogspot.com today, Prince Orizu, reiterated that a sinner (Igwe Iweka) must not go unpunished.

His words: “Since I publicly declared names of the key persons suppressing the Police resolve to unravel the perpetrators of torture, murder and disappearances of our people under the tutelage and instructions of Igwe A.C Iweka and his men of Special Taskforce, I have been receiving text messages, phone calls and delegations of people sent by Emeka Anyaoku, Osita Chidoka and others telling me to back-out of the press. One of the callers so far is one-Chief Omezie Chukwurah. Chief Omezie once called and implored me to refrain from mentioning Chief Anyaoku's name saying that the later urged him to call me to order. But I refused, and rather told him never to confront me with such plea again because I wouldn't mind publicizing more names involved in withholding the outcome of investigation”.

“Most of the delegates said the suppressors are willing to pay me any amount of money to stop speaking to the press. They said I should stop dragging their names to the case. I refused because I can't afford to withhold the course of justice in my town. The whereabouts of Baby Boy, Obiesie Anekwu and 23 others must be uncovered. We must know what happened to them. Why they were apprehended at yet to be identified custody? Iweka and his men should be arrested and questioned. They must explain to us why same group of people he used to achieve his selfish ambitions (to ascend the throne) now turned to criminals, rapists, kidnappers or whatever or why they were gruesomely murdered (if trully) without investigation or trial in the court of law. That is uncalled-for, injustice and mans-inhumanity to man”.

“I will keep crying to the world till justice prevails. Nobody has a right to outshine interrogation processes as a result of selfish reasons. I can't back-out of media. So, as I turned down their offer, they carapaces as crabs and began to attack me. They said they would either kidnap or kill me including my family members if I keep crying to the forth estate of the realm. I am not perturbed by their threatening words. I stand on justice, no going back. I am calling on the world to advice Emeka Anyaoku, Osita Chidoka and others to leave my family alone. If not, I will sue them to court for infringing on my right as a human. Why planning to eliminate us for standing by the truth. I will go to court any moment from now if they persist. My life and that of my family are in their hands. The world, please take note, our lives are in danger. What have we done to that effect?”

“I have no interest on this matter, after all Igwe Iweka is my cousin. But I want justice to be done. I am crusader of justice, equity and fairness because nobody is above the law. If they knew that A.C Iweka is not criminal or murderer, they shouldn't be restricting the law enforcement agencies from arresting him. The Police interrogators have invited him multiple of time sequel to the accusation and he refused to appear. When inquired from the agencies they always stressed that they decided to cover-up the mess following an order from those I mentioned their names here. Therefore, I am pleading on them to allow police to do their job. They knew that law is a respecter of none”.

“Similar issue occurred some years back in River state. Then, monarch of the town and his cabinets were apprehended and queried despite that their hands were clean. Same should be applied here. This is how they beat-up my 76 years old mother, striped my wife naked and looted my house at no course. When I went to court they tried all they could to subdue it as well. Unfortunately, the game is yet to be over till nemeses catch up with them. I have gone to the court for sake of justice. Everybody including Governor knew that Iweka's is a man of unquestionable character. He earlier refused to present him with a certificate of recognition as a Traditional Ruler of Obosi land.

In 26 November, 2011, for instance, Gov. Obi told us in a town hall meeting (A.C Iweka, Emeka Anyaoku, others were also present at the event) that Iweka is unqualified to lead the helm of our affairs. He commanded him to stop parading self as our king because Obosi community did not choose him. However, same governor later recognized him telling us that Emeka Anyaoku and others influenced him to do that. Since Iweka ascended throne as a monarch, Obosi has dramatically transformed to the Biblical furnace; killings, disappearance and highhandedness is order of the day”.