GTBank’s SME MarketHub offers unlimited opportunities to entrepreneurs

By The Citizen
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Are you looking for more visibility for your business? Then, turn to GTBank, one of Nigeria’s leading financial service providers as it introduces to the Nigerian market a trail blazing e-commerce portal that offers unlimited opportunities to the Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs to advertise their prowess.

According to a statement from the Bank, the portal, christened the “SME MarketHub” enables businesses take advantage of emerging opportunities within the Nigerian e-commerce space by providing them with tools to improve efficiency and enhance profitability online.

“Having an online presence is crucial to remaining competitive within the global marketplace. The SME MarketHub allows you to promote your business to an audience of customers near and far”, the statement said.

“With the SME MarketHub”, says the statement, one can buy and sell a wide range of products online. “The global directory allows individuals to search and find businesses with ease and convenience. The portal enables other businesses and individuals connect directly with you online. Above all, this service is offered free to customers,” the statement said.

On the SME MarketHub, business will have access to a:

•           Unique MarketHub website address
•           Personalized online storefront
•           Shopping cart with no consignment fees

•           Free Online payment gateway
•           Inventory management tools
•           Order and enquiry notifications
•           Messaging service
•           Membership within the MarketHub directory

According to GTBank’s General Manager, Communication and External Relations, Lola Adedina, the bank pledged to pay more attention to growing the small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) sector in the new year.

She said: 'Past and present governments have channelled a lot of effort towards SMEs but nothing has really happened,” adding that majority of the SMEs that have benefitted from government loans still come back to the bank to ask them for loans.

'GTB decided to explore the areas in which it can add value to SMEs and we realise that e-commerce is a missing aspect. We have 160 million Nigerians, of whom over 50 million are using the internet today and so GTBank created a platform that enables our customers who have businesses to open their shop on our platform so that they can trade with anybody anywhere in the world.

'We give them a payment engine called GTPay, which is a secure online payment engine to enable customers pay for their products and services online.' So the woman who makes hand chains and does not know how she will sell her goods can come online and people in Abuja, Lagos, London, can buy her goods. This means that we are giving them an e-commerce platform to gain more visibility and trade their goods and services.”