Boko Haram Kills Another 48 In Borno


Another black day for the people of Borno state as Suspected Boko Haram

Terrorists have again on Monday night killed at least 48 persons in

north eastern town of Jakana, Konduga Local government Area, fleeing

resident said.
The death toll arising from attacks within the last four days alone is put

at 173. , making more residents to flee trouble perceived trouble spot.

Kande Bukar 41 , a commercial taxi operator who escaped into the bush

said the Boko haram who were over 100 in numbers killed 48 villagers

before leaving the town.
” Some of us that escaped into the bush counted 48 dead bodies this

morning and many houses burnt in Jakana before we horridly left our

village for Maiduguri” Bukar said on phone today.
The insurgents were also said to have written letter to some towns and

villages like Magumeri warning the to leave of await massive attack.