Kai, This Amazing APC and its Voodoo Opinion Poll.

Source: pointblanknews.com

.” Gradually my prediction appears to be coming to pass. I have just finished checking the internet to research where a competitor will be part of the umpire.  There was nowhere I have seen or found search. I equally checked to see where a political party decided to conduct an opinion poll for itself. Since the beginning of democracy in Athens Greece in 5 th Century BC, I have not seen that on the internet. The only maxim I found on the internet is that ““ You can't  be  judge in your own cause”.

That is why Nigerians must be very vigilant and careful when dealing with this APC. Some Nigerians actually call them Association of Professional Criminals (APC).

It is only this APC that can be a judge in its cause thereby defying the time tested principle of natural justice that has stood the test of time from time immemorial.

It is only this APC, the Angry People's Congress or the Association of Professional Criminals that will just publish a poll it supposedly conducted to favour itself  if it ever did one anyway that it is  leading other political parties in Nigeria by 10 points!

Kai APC, haba! Yet the same APC has no manifestoes. Yet all the officers are still interim officers.  Yet more people are defecting from it to PDP. So on what basis were people ready to vote for this APC without manifestoes?

That is why I said the INEC and the Nigeria Police and other security agencies must gird their loin for the 2015 elections, especially the presidential elections.

If you ask me, this APC has more and cunning surprises up its sleeves for the presidential elections.

If one year before the general election, this APC can break the first rule of natural justice which says “A person cannot be a judge in its own cause.” Then they can break all other rules to grasp power by all means possible. Note that this rule of natural justice is   very strictly applied to any appearance of a possible bias, even if there is actually none: “Justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done”.

Therefore my dear readers and audience, If APC through their Liar Mohammed can actually break this simple first rule of natural justice,

Is there any other rule or law they cannot break or push aside for their selfish interest?

Even Fresh Party of Nigeria led by Chris Okotie or PRP led by Balarabe Musa can conduct an opinion poll definitely to favour itself. An armed robber caught in the act of robbery will tell you he is not guilty.

Therefore, the INEC, the Nigeria Police and Nigerians generally beware of this APC otherwise called the Anti-People Cabal alia Angry People's Congress (APC).

This APC will stop at nothing through hook or crook to snatch and seize power at the centre in 2015. They will use all sort of dubious tricks, blackmail, cajoling, propaganda, stealing and outright thievery in 2015 elections. The INEC and the Nigeria Police, to be fore warned is to be so armed against the tricks and the antics of this dubious APC.

The doctored and voodoo self conducted opinion poll by this APC is the first and the smallest arsenal of their armament.

More deadly and legal missiles are still there in their armory which will they will use between now and February 2015. Their ultimate weapons will be more deadly crises worse than Boko Haram and the 2011 post election crises put together.

Nigerians, as this APC is plotting, we should breast up for the worst by this APC. God forbid bad thing, this APC come near power in Nigeria. “We go bi refugee for we country be that”. God no go gree lailai.

Ndiameeh Babangida Babreek.