It is only a blind man who can not see danger approaching and runs away. “By their fruits you shall know them” “Actions speaks louder than voice”.

These are true sayings agreed to by everybody, including satan himself. It is what you do that influences people, not what you claim or voice out you are? What you really are is exactly what you do. You may claim anything about you, but what you really do, defines you.

Come to think about it. What do you know islam for? Immediately you hear of islam, what do you see or watch muslims do around you? Who are all these murderers and trouble shooters in the whole wide world? Please tell me who the following people are:

- bokoharam and ansaru
- hezbola
- islamic mayhreb
- acquaida
- maitasine
- muslim brotherhood etc.
Who are they? In any country of the world who are the murderers and killers? What are the problems in the following nations?

- Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan?
- Middle East nations
- USA, Britain, France, Russia
- Central African Republic, Somalia, Burmadi etc.
Name any country of this world where islam is that is peaceful? Name one.

islam is satan and satan is islam. quoran is hellfire and hellfire is quoran. jihad is a commandment to kill by Mohammed. Mohammed was the worst Lawless fellow you could associate with in the whole world. An Igbo proverb says “Whatever snake delivers must be long”.

Mohammed born around 570 AD, died 632 AD in the battle front was the worst rapist of women and highway robber the world ever knew. How can he get followers that are reasonable? Like, begets like. A human being gives birth to a human being. Rat gives birth to rat. Iion gives birth to lion. Python gives birth to python, etc.

So, a muslim must behave like Mohammed. I mean, it is natural and the very law of procreation. Whatever snake delivers must be long: Igbos are right. As a Christian, the more you behave like Jesus Christ, the more harmless you are, the more acceptable to humanity you become; the more righteous you are. But as a muslim, the more you behave like Mohammed, the more a rapist of woman you become; the more murderous you become; the more a mass killer you become;' the more holistic in evil you become; the more a terrorist you become.

Why? Ask me please! Why? Let me ask you since you do not want to ask me. Why?

The difference is in the lives lived by both men on earth. JESUS lived a perfect righteous life, and so, must produce a followership of righteous people. Mohammed lived a wayword life, and so, must produce a followership of evil people. There are no two ways about this. Bible says “thou shall not kill”. quoran says “thou MUST kill” Let us go through the pages of quoran to substantiate, “thou MUST kill”. Before I continue, let me tell you that jihad means way of life of allah. allah is not GOD. allah is god of destruction. Never you think that GOD of Christians is allah of muslims. You are deceived to think or suppose so. Most Igbos and some Christians would mimic muslims quotation “insha allah” meaning by the Grace of GOD. Nothing is more deceitful than this. “insha allah” means “by the enablement of allah destroy” Never you say “insha allah” again in your life and refer to it as “by the Grace of God”. If you do so, you are abusing GOD Almighty who is JESUS CHRIST Himself. allah's enablement is for destruction because allah is the god of islam known as god of destruction. Please once again, note that “insha allah” means “by the enablement of allah destroy”. Be informed today.

Let us quote vebratim the pages of quoran that empower their followers to kill.

1) surah al-baqarah, chapter 2, verse 216:
“holy fighting is ordained (prescribed) for all muslims, whether they like it or not as far as it is good and approved by allah through his prophet Mohammed”.

2) surah al – taubah, chapter 9 verse 29:
“fight against those who believe not in allah, nor in the last day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by allah and his messenger (Muhammed) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (isleam) among the people of the scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued”.

Then I ask you again: Is islam a religion of peace or of violence? Answer it yourself. You have read it yourself from the book of satan called quoran, directly, not indirectly. What else do you need to know before you believe that islam is satan and satan is islam? What else do you need?

3) surah Muhammad, chapter 47 verse 4:
“so, when you meet (in fight-jihad in allah's cause those who disbelieve, smith their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly (on them, i.e. take them as captives). Thereafter (is the time) either for generosity (i.e. free from them without ransom) or ransom (according to what benefits islam) until the war lays down its burden.”

Do you hear it directly from Mohammed himself in quoran? You are advised to cut off the neck of anybody who does not believe in islam. Do you see to that?

You are advised to keep on fighting jihad by killing unbelievers in islam until they believe or be wiped out.

On January 17, 1966 Ahmadu Bello, the Premier of the North Planned jihad to be carried out against Christians, mostly Igbos using Major Murtala Mohammed. It leaked, and Chukwuma Kaduna Nzegwu had to stage his own Coup on 15 January, 1966 to counter it. That precipitated to the jihad war a mistakenly called civil war that killed more than five (5) million Igbos believed to be the second bloodiest war in the world history after second world war of 1945.

As at February 26, 2014: Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida – IBB whose surname is “islamic Babaric Bomb – IBB” together with Atiku Abubarka, Muhamadu Buhari, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Isa Yuguda, Rabiu Kwakwanso, Ramalan Yero, sultan of Sokoto, all Northern Nigerian emirs and all members of supreme Council for islamic affairs in Nigeria have sent out jihadists to target Igboland and South-South for jihad;

- 2,000 muslim-jihadists to Eastern states
- 2,000 muslim-jihadists to Cross River and Akwa Ibom States

- 2,500 muslim – jihadists to Christian enclaves in Yorubaland, Edo and Middle Belt.

- 2,500 muslim – jihadists to Delta State
They are dispatched periodically for the impending jihad. Many of them even now befriend many Igbo ladies in their thousands, right here in Igboland, and marry them back to North which is another form of jihad. Once a muslim marries you as a lady, that is all about you as a chrstian lady: its all over for her and Christianity. Many suya sellers and shoe shiners in Igboland as well as gatemen are befriending many Igbo young ladies, right here at the heart of Igboland. Many end up in marriage with them back to the North. I have witnessed this severally as a bonafide Igboman.

It is unfortunate Christians do not know how dangerous and deceitful islam is. Once a lady is caged in islam, nothing is heard of her again on earth. islam is an ocean of deceit. Instead of any Christian lady to marry a muslim man, please, remain unmarried and die unmarried.


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