Saraki Prescribes Way To End Boko Haram, Terrorism In Nigeria


SAN FRANCISCO, February 27, (THEWILL) - A former Governor of Kwara State and serving Senator of the Federal Republic, Senator Bukola Saraki has prescribed two fronts which he says will help end terrorism and the deadly violent attacks by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

In a statement Thursday, the politician pressed all leaders from the north irrespective of party affiliation, religious or ethnic divide to cooperate with the federal government so as to successfully bring the menace to an end.

'The success of us as a country to be able to fight this problem of Boko Haram and terrorism in general is dependent upon largely two issues.

'One is leadership and the other political cooperation.

The first one lies squarely on the footsteps of His Excellency, President Jonathan but the other political cooperation that bridges region and religion lies on the footsteps of all us,' Senator Saraki wrote in an email to THEWILL.

'We must rise above our political , ethnic and religious differences to forge together to find success.

With that said, I appeal to the Governors of both Borno and Yobe and all leaders from northern region and all opposition leaders to cooperate with federal Government to achieve success.

It is only when these two issues are properly addressed can we see results.

'We all know that we are approaching electioneering period but in my humble opinion this is one area that should be above politics.

We from the opposition parties must continue to play our role by showing maximum political cooperation to finding permanent solution to this menace.

This is necessary for the sake of innocent lives and for the sake many who look up to us for hope and salvation,' the Senator added.