NPDC changes Story on NNPC's Remittance of $6 billion.

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A video of the last Senate hearing on the missing $20 billion from the federation account shows that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) did not remit any funds to one its affiliates the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) Ltd.

 However, a few days after the hearing was concluded, the NPDC has changed its story claiming via a press release that it had received the $6 billion from the NNPC.

Below is the NPDC belated press release.
Press Release
NNPC Funds NPDC: Briggs
The attention of the Management of the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited (NPDC) has been drawn to several publications alleging that NPDC denied receiving the sum of US$6 billion from its parent company, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation being proceeds from NPDC's oil and gas operations. In a press statement by Mr. Victor Briggs, Managing Director of NPDC; the company stated that “the reports are are misleading and do not reflect the contents of what was submitted to the Senate Committee on Finance”

Mr. Briggs posited that “For the avoidance of doubt, NPDC in its submission stated that the funding relationship between NNPC and NPDC provides for proceeds from Hydrocarbon sales to be paid into an NNPC/NPDC account. NNPC, as the parent company of NPDC, reviews and approves NPDC's annual budgets and performance and disburses funds on periodic basis as per the approved work programme that covers both NPDC's capital and operating expenses. This approach also provides for NNPC to critically monitor and control costs as part of strict financial discipline and make direct payments on behalf of NPDC for Royalty and Taxes while deducting costs in accordance with the provisions of the Petroleum Profits Tax (PPT) as amended”

Given the above, it is hereby reiterated that the sum of $6billion was remitted to the above stated NNPC/NPDC account which warehouses all of NPDC's revenue earnings from its operations. Releases from this account are in turn disbursed into NPDC-only accounts for the execution of its operations.

We therefore want to restate that NNPC funds NPDC adequately for the effective conduct of its operations and meets the NPDC's statutory responsibilities for royalties, taxes and other exactions as necessary.

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