Why Tambuwal Visited Obasanjo in Abeokuta.

Source: pointblanknews.com

Not happy with Tinubu Jittery over Atiku's entry
 Fresh facts have emerged why Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, met   General Olusegun Obasanjo on Sunday  behind closed doors.

Shortly after the visit to  Obasanjo's at his Abeokuta residence, Tambuwal, kicked the suspension of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, but simply said he came to 'consult' Obasanjo, on what, he did not say.

He had said ” i am visiting the national leader of the PDP. Baba and myself are in the PDP. Baba is a leader not only in Nigeria but in Africa and it is only appropriate  for those of us in positions of authority and leadership to occasionally come and consult him on matters of national interest…”

But sources close to Obasanjo's  hilltop mansion told Pointblanknews.com, that Tambuwal's visit has a great deal to do with his political future and the promise made to him and his supporters by the leader of the All progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

There have been speculations that Tinubu had already struck a multi billion naira deal with Atiku Abubakar over the standard bearer's spot.

It would be recalled that Tambuwal just like Obasanjo, had been few of the very ardent critics of their party and the Goodluck Jonathan's leadership.  There are very few who believe that the body and soul of Obasanjo are still with PDP considering  his famous letter and recent trip to Rivers State to commission Governor Amachi's projects, even when the PDP frowned.

The Speaker's latest jibe was when he declared that ” President Jonathan's body language did not indicate that he had the political will and good conscience to fight corruption”

His disposition towards his party in the House and his presence at the APC Governors meeting at the official Abuja residence of the Sokoto State Governor, Aliyu Wamakko. He denied he was part of the meeting but he was there to see Wamakko.

Sources hinted that he was in Abeokuta to solicit the support of Obasanjo when he (Tambuwal) eventually exits the PDP for APC. He urged the former President to prevail on his men in the South west and north, who have already moved to the APC,and  those still thinking about it, to throw weight behind him at the APC primaries.

Tambuwal  would have  Muhammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, Nuhu Ribadu, Rabiu Kwankwaso and Sam Ndah-Isiah to contend with if he eventual moves.

He expressed worry at the entry of former VP Atiku, who he fears may have wormed his way into Tinubu's heart despite Tinubu's earlier promise to make way for him (Tambuwal) to be standard bearer of the APC, if he moved.

Sources hinted that even though Tinubu made the promise to ensure the mass movement of Tambuwal and his men, and for him to continue to stall the PDP for now, the APC leader did not cast the arrangement in stone considering his mercantile disposition.

Our  source maintained  that Tinubu's body language and entry of Atiku,  may be the reason why Tambuwal is being careful about jumping ship. He is aware of the weight of Atiku and his massive financial war chest.

 According to our source , Tambuwal who apologized for the trumping of the South west during the jostle for the Speaker's spot.

Said our source ” Tambuwal's activities for a few months now was informed by the assurance by Tnubu and do not forget, Ibrahim  Babangida had flown the kite earlier. Tinubu wanted him to lead his men to APC so promised to give him the slot. He was sure if Tambuwal moved the APC would get the majority over night unlike what we having now'

” But he had been tarrying because he is not sure of what would happen, but with the entry of Atiku, the whole thing changed, and also speculations that Tinubu may give it to Atiku.

 For Tambuwal, though he is still a member of the PDP, barring last-minute changes, he is expected to defect to the APC before 2015.

However, just like Ribadu, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not seen as a candidate that can attract the votes that Buhari will in the North.

“Tambuwal is more popular in the South than in the North, what APC needs is a candidate that will bring all northern votes. His delay in joining the APC is another issue. Other hopefuls who are working hard for the party would have gone far ahead of him in their lobbying,” a senior APC member said