By Youths Against Human Rights Violations and Corrupt Practices [YAHVCP]
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The Youths Against Human Rights Violations and Corrupt Practices [YAHVCP] a non profit watch dog group is sad to note that In the midst of abundant human and natural resources, the vast majority of Imo working masses live in abject poverty. It is no secret to us that one of the politicians responsible for this embarrassing state of absurdity in Imo State is the “profit first" capitalist International Thief-Thief Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly Chief Benjamin Uwajumogu.

Recall that Mr Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha a former aide of the Speaker revealed the corruption and mass looting of public assets and natural resources taking place in the Imo House of Assembly. In his petition forwarded to media men and to the EFCC, Mr Iwuoha disclosed how fraudulent contracts for road projects worth billions of naira were awarded by his former boss (Chief Uwajumogu) without due process. We of Youths Against Human Rights Violations and Corrupt Practices is condemning this scientific looting in its entirety. We are also condemning the silence of the Members of the Imo House of Assembly over this fraud and we are calling on the Imo Speaker to resign.

The Speaker in his response to us denied the allegations and called us names. He wrote that he was born in mansions and has lived and owned mansions and houses all his life.That he was very rich before 2011. He figured us out as lying geezers .We therefore ask that if Uwajumogu was so rich before he became a member of the Imo House of Assembly as he claimed to be, how come he could not fund his election campaign in 2011 and had to borrow 10.6 million naira for his political campaign from Chief Atan Acholonu (One Armed General) from Ehime Mbano? How come he had to borrow another 11.5 million naira from Chief George Egu in 2011 to also support his political campaign? We are aware that Uwajumogu due to his extravagant lifestyles so mismanaged his late father's companies, Eastern Comfort Hotel in Umuahia and Amic Foam Factory along Port Harcourt Onitsha Road in the 90's and went bankrupt.

Documents at our possession showed how he looted Imo tax payers money from 2011 to 2013 and he used the looted monies to build a 760 Million naira crush rock industry in Ebonyi State, Asphalt factory in Owerri, mansions at Aba, Umuahia and Ihitte –Uboma, 15 mansions in Owerri, 500 million naira private hotel in Abuja and 750 million naira private hotel in Lagos. We therefore challenge the Imo State House of Assembly to make public the Speakers net worth in May 2011 .

We are also aware that the Imo State Liaison Office in Abuja was leased to him for 20 years at 70 Million naira and he has since converted the place to his private hotel. We are aware that he recently acquired all the mansions along Benjamin Uwajumogu street in World Bank Housing Estate. He also recently demolished his father's old one story building at Ihite Uboma and built a 400 million naira mansion. He also built another mansion at the major road along Ihite Uboma for 100 million naira. His asphalt plant which he set up less than one year when he became Speaker is valued at 500 million naira.

Accordingly, YAHVCP demands for the constitution of a panel that will look into the corruption allegations levelled against the Imo Speaker. This panel must invite Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha and key members of YAHCP to testify. As a prelude to the above, YAHVCP is planning a peaceful demonstration tagged “Uwajumogu Must Go ” to press home this demand. This peaceful demonstration is a collative effort of civil society groups in Nigeria. It is scheduled as follows:

Monday 17 March, 2014 – Protest at the Imo State House of Assembly Owerri;

Wednesday 19 March, 2014 – Press conference in Abuja .

This protest is expected to be participated by not less than 10,000 people, mostly Human Rights Activists, Students, sacked 10,000 jobs beneficiaries, Lecturers, Market women, Civil Servants ,Keke Riders.Anybody or groups that want to also participate in the mass non-violent protests should contact the YAHVCP on or before March 17, 2014. We are embarrassed with the level of filth oozing out of the Imo House of Assembly. Therefore we urge the people of Imo State to come out en masse for this rally while efforts are made to get Police clearance as required. YAHVCP shall like the Biblical Moses liberate Imo House of Assembly from the hands of Pharaoh Uwajumogu through non-violent efforts. As we await the mass protest, let us thank GOD in advance for removing the Thief in Chief from the Imo House of Assembly.

Signed :
Mr Kenneth Uwadi
National Coordinator
Youths Against Human Rights Violations and Corrupt Practices [YAHVCP]

Miss Amaka Didanda.
National Media Affairs Director,
Youths Against Human Rights Violations and Corrupt Practices [YAHVCP]