Clark bombs Tinubu, Says You Can't Escape from your Shadow


Ijaw leader and former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, has upbraided the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, describing him as someone that is afraid of his identity…Clark asked the national leader of the APC to answer the following questions:

“Why is he not in a hurry to clear questions on his real identity? Is it true that he has no faint trace of the famed Tinubu blood in his veins? Is it true that he is ashamed of his real ancestors and family heritage?

According to him, “Tinubu must clear the air by telling Nigerians where his biological parents are buried, either in Lagos where he claims or in Irigbaji, Osun State or in 'Oke Oya' in the North.”

Tinubu supposed alma maters, Government College, Ibadan and the University of Chicago refuted his claim of studentship. So, where did Tinubu obtain his qualifications?”

We need to ask these salient questions? Who appropriated all government choice properties in Ikoyi and Victoria Island to himself? Is Oriental Hotel and Television Continental and other business organisations owned by the Yoruba or by an individual?” Clark asked Tinubu