John J Edem,Bassey Ekong,Edet Umoafia and Ms Truddie Edem

By Clayton Udoh
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You guys still do not understand what has happened to you ! As you have written this letter nobody will respond to you. In fact right now in the forums they are passing congratulatory messages for the "come chop" positions one of the central characters has just acquired.

No statements shall ever be made about those funds embezzled in this life or in the life to come. In the eyes of the perpetrators of the problem you do not have enough clout to even elicit a response in the first place.

Your writing that they should take your names off the list is really weak and amusing,making them double up in laughter at the fact that you guys sound like little girls bitching.

Strike your name of the list? They will deny that your chapter even existed if that is what it takes for them to get the next batch of cash from you-know-who.

These guys are hardcore, They do not care, unless you do something really drastic to them ,which would involve fatalities like their master does and then they would sit up and realize you are hurt. Minus that you are wasting your time.

On the other hand let this be a lesson to you all that when anything seems to good to be true ,it may be just that. Truly philanthropic groups tend to stay out of politics because that's not their mission. You know some of them like "Habitats For Humanity" or "Doctors Without Borders" and other powerful organizations that has touched the lives of millions of people without being a praise singing choir for some eight year politician.

Rather you joined something that promised you would be the new world order of Akwa Abasi Ibom State while those who do not praise and act like you guys will be left by the wayside. That is why when people like me pointed out the problems and all the things that was happening you kept silent.

Let it be known, the atmosphere that was fostered was one in which if AIDN had begun executions of its enemies you all would remain silent as members of the "winning team".

So even though there is a sad ending to your short bid to corner all the contracts for Ibaka Sea Port or to bring investments from Slovenia(which the governor in the end would have claimed is his own doing) ,there is also something to be said about most of you and your insensitivity based on greed.

How people of the same Akwa Abasi Ibom stock were addressed by your organization ,how they were persecuted by your organization and insulted by your organization and dehumanized and you all remained silent has a lot to say about most of you.

AIDN did everything short of killing its enemies and you guys remained silent.

So when the next Governor comes you guys can create another association with the same patterns. Instead of you guys to concentrate on the true advancement of Akwa Abasi Ibom State ,you were flying around chasing "Governor". I hear some of you would follow him into the Bathroom just to get noticed.

The biggest lesson of the day is that the true advancement of people in Akwa Abasi Ibom state will involve all and not just a chosen few.

Has Barrister Uduak Ukpeh not told you guys that there was no legal agreement that any of you signed, talking about disembursement of funds to Canada? Exactly,what did you sign that was supposed to address any of the grievances you bring forward at this time?

You have no case and you guys should have just kept quiet and congratulated the same Uduak Ukpeh for his new assignment in the "come chop" empire of Naija.

Thats what the organization is doing right now and it is "marching forward" !!!!!

The Lost in morals shall lead the clueless into the bottomless pit !

Clayton "Bane" Udoh
Mesa, Arizona