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The truth about the government of Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State can only be bent, but cannot break.

The government has interest, but self-seeking.
The government of Gov.
Orji is a menace and a punishment to our people of Abia State.

The problem with the government is that it has no shame.

Those involved in the government know better how to christen white black, because of their self-aggrandizement.

In this influence, anybody who wants to queue behind Gov.

Orji for any elective position would fail woefully, because Abia people would not give such a person or persons any vote, due to the abysmal performance of the governor.

Honestly, what the governor counts as an achievement is to lead a protest to Abuja, asking the PDP national chairman to avoid the governor who was in office before him.

This is indignity, even when the government in Abia State has no dignity for its shameful attributes.

The government is prejudiced, gluttonous and arrogant.

While a few persons like Ike Nwachukwu who are ready to send truth to the dogs because they are benefiting from the government, hosts of our people are jobless and impoverished.

The seemingly lucre from the government to Nwachukwu and his like, have taken their reasoning for churlish.

The government has created a better job for its foot soldiers in the area of praise-singing.

They are doing this for survival in its entirety.
They use both malicious and arbitrary languages to pass their mischievous praises against opposing views.

Because Gov.
Orji knows that he has no hiding place, as a result, he has resulted to creating a 'constitution' that would forbid his predecessor from attaining his political orgasm.

But with this type of mentality, Nigerians can truly see how tumultuous Gov.

Orji is, while at the same time boasting of returning peace to Abia State.

How can man who is not peaceful himself be talking of vouching for other people's peace? One thing remains sacrosanct; Gov.

Orji is one politician who is swallowing the political future of many and at the same time saying that he is laying a new foundation for Abia people.

Just with such little power as governor, we have seen what Gov.

Orji has become - King and Emperor.
On this background, Abia State has been celebrating its obituary and many people are sending in their condolences for the untimely death of the state that was caused by our 'Legacy Project' Governor Orji.

The present government is a monumental failure laced with monumental mediocre-workers.

Abia people are weeping for the death of the state.

The capsized Abia State has only the like of Ike Nwachukwu rescued from the battered boat that Gov.

Orji built.
The governor started counting the last as first and pummeled the second chance he forcefully took hoping to have a third chance even a fourth chance.

Let the governor know that there is always a payback time.

He should think of how he has put our state into motion without action.

Orji should understand and accept the fact that his predecessor he is always haunting has been confirmed as a better governor when he was in power than him.

Was it not only in Abia State that a sitting governor would mount on a state media houses during festivals, luring our people to come and collect gifts and therefore, using faceless groups to extol himself when he already knew that he has no virtue and value in the eyes of our people and other Nigerians.

What is remaining in Abia State is for the dead to also endorse our governor, because of his penchant for recognition.

Our people are yearning to be free from this slavery called Gov.

A Orji government.
In this context, except the governor's rented bootlickers in Ngwa area of our state that said they endorsed the governor for Senate come 2015, his home town of Ikwuano/Umuahia even rejected him, saying that giving Gov.

Orji their support in that year would amount to total destruction of the little hope and peace they can still enjoy.

If Gov.
Orji could be bold of fighting tirelessly to deny his predecessor his fundamental right of association as was enshrined in the laws of the country, what has he not done against Abia people and what can he not negatively do? Written By Odimegwu Onwumere Tel: +2348057778358 Email: [email protected]


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