I wish to steal part of my time to comment, like soothsayer, on the possible declaration of DELE BELGORE (SAN), the governorship aspirant of ACN in Kwara state for PDP. Don't get it twisted, I show no sympathy for any specific political party here but I have come to picture the movement in relation to the personality of “DELE” as a governorship aspirant in Kwara state in the last election.

Needless of lengthy scary words before I put record straight that to cross over from a political party to another is as frail as crossing high tension electricity wire, it is capable of ruining ones political career which may not germinate again. There are types of such migration (movement from one party to another).

1-Ideological based migration,
2- Interest based migration,
3-Frustration migration, and
4-Survival migration
These kinds of migrations of politicians from one party to another are grouped based on my own perspective.

Since the kind of migration we experienced now in Nigeria is Interest migration, we would economize words and dwell on this peculiar style. When a politician abandons his initial political party for another one because of his unable to fulfill his ambition or interest, we refer to that kind as Interest migration. Meanwhile, the kind of migration of Sen. Bukola Saraki, Governor Rotimi Ameachi and other are classic frustration movement, it is not interest passé but a frustration which triggered them so search for a peaceful abode.

The politicians that migrate based on interest are not ideal… Why? Do you think they are! It simply means they are in politics purely for interest of self and that is a disastrous link. When one is linked with politics by interest, such politician would think for himself and not the people. As a politician, you should be able to tell why you have chosen to belong to a party, and it should be unacceptable to choose a party base on selfish interest, because such intention is anti-development and must not be encouraged.

I saw LOLA ASHIRU moving selfishly from ACN to OKERE in 2011 (political season) and I knew, it was disastrous a movement. Why? Different politicians have their political reflections, I mean what makes majority of their followers to be attached to them, LOLA ASIRU was loved by Ofa as he represented the vanguard of progressive opposition that will always champion their course, which was his secret. Also, some Kwarans who wanted alternative relied on him. His interest was partly fettered in 2011 while he was disallowed by the ACN from running as the governorship candidate, he was aggrieved and received invited by DR SARAKI (father), disappointedly, contrary to what people thought he stood for, he joined OKERE. He wrongly allowed his interest to wave him at the expense of his political reflection, i.e. what was the secret of his acceptance.

DELE BELGORE (SAN) was the ACN governorship candidate in Kwara state in 2011 and he had a good record regards the large votes he got. Now, he faces a big challenge in the party as the ruling political structure joined APC in Kwara state and some other states. The joiners are bigger in size and bigger in power than the owner and occupier of the house. What could make Belgore to depart the party that honoured him? He could feel that he is wounded politically since he may not enjoy the privilege of been the governorship candidate of the party in 2015. Also, he is bothered by been dominated by his formal opponents… these are enough reasons to get a politician worried, The national body of APC might not have done enough to create an assimilation in states like Kwara state. However, a political figure like him should be ready to answer ideological questions such as what are the factors that pull him to ACN? What is there in PDP that attracts him? Is he in search of satisfaction of his interest?

I am of the opinion that the above questions would be difficult for him to answer and that is the litmus test of his political difficulty which he may eventually face. These are of two kinds, for people who watch politic from ideology perspective, he has failed for the first time and will never be taken serious again like LOLA ASHIRU. Secondly, where he is going, if they eventually lose, it will amount the final political crash.

DELE BELGORE could have remains in the party and use his supporter as opposition within, against the political interest of Sen. Bukola Saraki until he considers him as a force to reckon with in the political structure of the Kwara state APC. Though, that is not easy for runaway politician like DELE BEGORE. I would have respected his ideology if he has opted for Labour party, I would conclude that he is not driven by selfish interest like many of our politicians.

LOLA ASHIRU, in his own case, when he joined OKERE, unfortunately he lost in his contest for senator, he later moved to PDP where he runs things with the ruling caucus in Kwara. Today, the caucus now join APC, is he going to APC with them. BUT, he is noted as politician without principle.

The truth is that the recent tearing of PDP has tedious and dusty effect on Nigeria political terrain which has led astray many people. It was not easy decision for those who ran out of turned umbrella for broom. The national body of the APC supposed to have considered and protect the interest of custodians of the party in the states where the giant politicians opt for APC. Now, both the “oga” and “omose” are confused.

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