5 Reason Why APC does not need Atiku

Source: pointblanknews.com

By Paschal Chikero
It is rather unfortunate that APC has become a dumping ground for Nigeria'sfailing politicians. Since the merger, many politicians who have one way the other lost their place in the People's Democratic Party have made All Progressive Alliance their haven. Why blame them when the leaders of APC do not know that a progressive party is not a home for wounded Lions.

Yes one could say APC needs all the power brokers it can get but you also need to consider the fact that it doesn't need members who are trouble-making champions.

Today, 2 nd  of February, 2014, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, officially announced on Twitter that he has decamped to APC. On his website, he penned down his grievances with PDP. He said he is angry with the party for relegating him to the background because he dared to contest at the primaries.

The Tinubu/Buhari led APC does not need men like Atiku and here are my reasons:

Atiku has shown he is a man you can't trust. He has never been a party man. Atiku looks out for that which butters his bread. Atiku left PDP to Action Congress because his bread can no longer be buttered in PDP, fought the party that made him VP, called the party unprintable names and didn't have the shame to go back to same party. It is madness to trust such a man? That means you can't trust that he will keep your agreement with him when the chips are down.

Atiku does not believe in loyalty! His actions have proven that he camps where his interest is protected. So joining the APC is not because he wants to join hands to actualize the party's dream to give Nigerians a better democratic experience but to pursue his presidential dreams. Atiku has moved back and forth from the PDP just because of his presidential ambition. His ambition has so obsessed him that he cannot be loyal to the party's decision if it doesn't favour his dream of ruling Nigeria.

The worst is that his pursuit is purely selfish! So far he has not been able to articulate ideas that can take us to the Nigeria of our dreams. Just because your party no longer consults you then you leave the party? That means it is all about you not the collective dream of the party for the country.  Tomorrow if APC does not consult you, you will decamp too. APC does not need a selfish and over ambitious person like Atiku, especially at this formative stage.

A woman who easily sleeps with any kind of man for money is nothing but a prostitute likewise a politician who has decamped from PDP to two other parties without considering party philosophy and ethos. Atiku is political party prostitute personified! He is the role model for party prostitutes. That is his legacy!

An army cannot win a war if there are many Generals commanding it. The addition of other aggrieved PDP Governors and Atiku into the APC political clan is fast turning the party into a group of rebels and if care is not taken, it will be hard to have a single leader! This is a party with political and tribal juggernauts like General M. Buhari and Bola Tinubu who grapevines still insist have presidential ambitions. Throwing in an Atiku into the mix is another way of spelling disaster! Time will tell if Atiku can drop his ambition for Buhari or any other northerner.

In summary, I think APC is already a moving train that is fast gathering momentum and should not allow confused people on board!