South East Group Applauds Confab Modality


The South East Peoples Assembly (SEPA), yesterday applauded the modalities

for the conduct of the proposed National Conference.

According to Dr. Ifedi Okwenna, SEPA national secretary, who issued the

statement, the body noted that the conference, will mark the beginning of

the last stage of our march towards a True Federalism; the only sure basis

on which Nigeria can remain united.
SEPA however stated that the conference has once again exposed the level

of marginalisation of the zone, as it would be coming with the least

number of delegates.
Also it noted that the zone would be coming with only five elder Statesmen

to be nominated by the President against six to seven persons from the

other zones.
Said SEPA: “We thank the President, Commander-in-Chief for this uncommon

political will and determination to convoke a National Conference despite

many distractions, booboo traps and land mines laid against him to ensure

that the proposed National Conference never see the light of the day.

“We believe that the unity in diversity can only be a source of great

strength if it is based on Justice, Equity and Fairness.

“We therefore urge Ndigbo to be prepared as always to actively participate

in the soon to be convoked National Conference.
“We however note like always, that the South East will again be coming

to this conference with fewer number of delegates because of its fewer

number of States.
“For instance, we noted that where other zones will be coming with between

18-21 nominees of the Governors, South East shall be coming with 15

“Also South East will be coming with only five elder Statesmen to be

nominated by the President against 6-7 persons from the other zones. This

is inequitable, unfair and unjust.
“We therefore call on the Federal Government to take notice of the fact

that the use of State in those areas as bases for nomination has gross

disadvantage on the people of South East and as such should try to remedy

this disadvantage through other nominations to ensure that South East is

not disadvantaged at the National Conference”.
SEPA therefore opposed the recommended use of 75 per cent majority for

arriving at any decision at the conference.
“75 per cent or 3/4 is well above conventional 2/3 (66.67 per cent)

required for passage of any contentious issue and which is indeed an

International best practice.
“We therefore call on the Federal Government to direct that 2/3 majority

be used or on the alternative, allow the Conference to set its own rules

and regulate itself,” SEPA stressed.