Governor Fayemi has transformed Ekiti State, he deserves a second term says Akogun Banjo Ojo

By Elvis Iruh
His Excellency Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti state and Akogun Banji Ojo during a visit at Ado Ekiti
His Excellency Governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti state and Akogun Banji Ojo during a visit at Ado Ekiti

The Netherlands Coordinator of Oodua Progressive Union and the Managing Director of B.B. Communications Amsterdam, Akogun Banji Ojo has initiated a mobilization team in Amsterdam with branches across the country called “KAYODE FAYEMI MOVEMENT”. This movement to galvanize European support from Ekiti state indigenes to massively campaign both at home and abroad for the re-election of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.
Before his departure from Amsterdam to interact with the Executive Governor of Ekiti state, he stopped over at the Voice magazine office for this short interview. On why he is all out for the re-election of the Ekiti state Governor. “Since last year, I have been monitoring the activities and performances of the State Governor and he has executed most of the promises he made to the people; I have good contacts on the ground in Nigeria and they have kept me abreast of the progress in state. In fact for that reason, the Oodua Progressive Union honoured him with a prestigious award last year in Amsterdam.
Due to the fact that Oodua progressive Union is a nonpartisan, non-religious, ethnic, socio – cultural group and being the Coordinator, he is not using his office to organize this political activity rather; the 'Kayode Fayemi Movement is already recruiting men and women from the State that lives in the Diaspora to positively influence their families and friends and mobilize unbeatable team behind Dr. Kayode Feyemi. “It is time that Yoruba sons and daughters from Ekiti should have a common vision, common goal and share common destiny and that is what Dr. Kayode Fayemi is offering the good people of Ekiti state of Nigeria”.
Akogun Banji Ojo already in Ekiti state gave us a phone call today to brief us of his experience so far in Nigeria. “Since my arrival in the state, I have been on tour of Ekiti state to witness for myself the rapid infrastructural developments in the state from road construction, to rural electrification, schools, agricultural developments of food planting to fight hunger and poverty.
Akogun Banji Ojo has also met with the Executive Governor on one to one at government house office in Ado Ekiti to request for his blessing of the mobilization support group launched for him in the Netherlands for second term in office. In Akogun statement, he said, “We have monitored your performance in the past 3 years and we have seen that your modus operandi is distinctly different from your predecessors both in words and in deeds. You have distinguished yourself not as a mere promise maker but as a promise deliverer. You have sequentially delivered your electoral promises without sentiments. This makes you stand out from the crowd".
In particular Akogun Banji Ojo mentioned his successes in the area of road constructions, education at all levels, health care for the people and his social package for the elderly in the state has no comparison in Nigeria.
Akogun Ojo declared before the Governor that he has no regrets to thrown his support behind his bid for a second term because he has made him very proud as a citizen of the state and what he has seen of the state capital, Ado-Ekiti
He informed the Governor that those of them from Ekiti state living abroad and are registered to vote are being mobilized to come home and vote and encourage their families to do the same in support of Dr. Kayode Fayemi.
Governor Fayemi in his response commended the leadership of the movement for identifying with his administration and assured them of his passionate desire and willingness to make an indelible impact in Ekiti state.
The governor also tasked Ekiti indigenes in the Diaspora to come and participate in the local politics saying their involvement will be effective in creating a linkage that will enhance the economic development of the state and advance the democratic process of the state and that of Nigeria in general.
He said further that the mission of salvaging Ekiti State from underdevelopment is a collective responsibility of both Ekitis at home and in the Diaspora " We all have a stake at home, it is the prayer of our parents to go out and come back successfully so as to use of our wealth of experience and exposure in developing our state and the effect of which we are seeing now with more Diaspora citizens coming back home to contribute their quotas to the system.
Akogun Banji Ojo is a man that wears many caps and it all fits him; apart from his role as the Holland Coordinator of the OPU, he is a community leader in Amsterdam participating in the integration and emancipation of the immigrant communities; he is a goodwill Ambassador to Miss Black Europe pageant that is engaged in helping disadvantaged young ladies to acquire better education in Europe. He coordinates the yearly Oodua progressive Union participation of the Kwakoe festival in Amsterdam. A recipient of several community Awards both in the Netherlands, Ireland and France for his organizational skills for the Yoruba community.
Through his movement, The Voice magazine will be opportune to document the developments in Ekiti state during a state visit by the magazine in the coming month.

Executive Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Akogun Banji Ojo, President Kayode Fayemi Movement for second term initiator in Holland