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The Olumba Olumba Obu story
•Why he's god, by devotee
Saturday , March 13 , 2010

•Olumba Olumba

Many people may have been wondering why members of the brotherhood of the Cross and the Star, refer to the spiritual leader of the sect, Olumba Olumba Obu, as god almighty. Such people do not need to wonder any more, as Mr Parkson Edjeketa, a priest with the controversial religious group, has given reasons for that.

According to Edjeketa, who is based in The Netherlands, Olumba Obu is a great spiritual leader.

He also spoke on why members of the sect shun meat and beverages and why it's a sin for a man to kill any living thing, including mosquitoes and houseflies.

Why do you call your leader, Olumba Olumba Obu, god almighty when the man himself has said severally that he's not God?

We have come to a stage where we must be spiritually enlightened to know certain things about God. When we talk about God, we are talking about a mega-dynamic concept. It is not something I can force into you. There are true spiritual definitions that can actually enable one to know God. The fact that God can be humanised, can be a man is a kind of postulation and imagination of some deluded minds. God, as God, remains God and can never be man.

But we should understand by now that with God, everything is possible. If God reveals himself to you as God, it will be very difficult for you to even transmit the message to another person because that person does not know the form of God. Right from the beginning, nobody has seen God. That is what the Bible says: 'What eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard, what the minds have not perceived, that will I show to my children.' What is it that the eyes have not seen in this world? It is God. But this same God can transform himself into any form to reveal himself unto his children, even at this our age.

So, Leader O.O. Obu has done more than what even our Lord Jesus Christ did. What did our Lord Jesus Christ do in his first advent? For instance, he walked on top of water. That is a miraculous feat. He resurrected Lazarus after four days. But Leader Obu has done more than that; somebody died for seven days, he brought him back to life. Leader O.O. Obu stood on water the first day he went to baptize people. He stood on water to bless the water. The people who are opportune have been seeing him in the skies.

But Jesus, while on earth, kept talking about his father in heaven?

He was only trying to dramatize the same for us to follow. Remember he said 'I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except by me.' When we talk about God, the concept is so heavy that we need to be spiritually mature to comprehend his talk, because most of all these things, he talked in parables and we need to decode them. When he said our father in heaven, it does not mean that God is not everywhere. If the father is only in heaven, then he is no longer omnipresent because he's everywhere. He's here with us. He's in the moon, the sun, down the ocean and everywhere. How can he now confine the father to be in heaven alone?

When the Hebrews said heaven is his throne, the earth is his footstool, the heaven means the head. If you go to the space, there is nowhere you will see any structure. God is a spirit.

People say your leader doesn't travel?
The leader is not a human being; he's a spirit. This interview we are doing is not enough because there is nothing I will say here that will convince the world that God has come in human form.

A lot of people will no doubt accuse you of committing blasphemy

If it's blasphemy, I cannot live for a second because I know what it is to blaspheme against God. King Nebuchadnezzar did it, and you know what God did to him. He put him inside the forest for seven years. When he regained his senses, he knew that God Almighty is one. You cannot rob him of his glory. King Herod did it. By merely saying, 'the voice you people are hearing is God's' he was struck down. If you are very conversant with the Bible, you know what happened to him. Or is it Pharaoh who died under the Red Sea? So, there is nobody who can say this man is God and that person will live. But right from the onset, Leader O. O. Obu had declared that he's the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe. Sole Spiritual Head, not carnal. The world has confirmed that Leader O. O. Obu is the head of all principalities. He's the head of the secret societies. He's the head of juju. Who do you think is the head of principalities except God and Christ?

If he's truly God, why is he not convincing people, so that we can all accept him?

Everything has its time. That time will come when he reveals himself to the whole world. But now, he's just coming one by one.

When will that be?
Nobody knows the time except he himself. If I tell you that in 2010 or 2011 the father will reveal himself to the whole world, I am a liar. But all I know is that he's here and he's doing his work gradually by transforming human beings unto himself.

You also don't believe that Christ will appear in heaven?

Those expecting Christ to come from heaven will be disappointed because he will not come in that form.

But that's what the Bible says
I have told you that the Bible is coded. You need to be spiritually minded to decode those messages. When our Lord Jesus Christ said you have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, that whoever does not eat his flesh and drink his blood cannot live, the Jews were confused. They wondered how this man said we should drink his blood and eat his flesh. They had to run away. They dispersed, saying this man was really a demon. But do you think that Christ is talking about these natural blood and flesh? He was talking about the word of God. And you know that without parables, he will not speak because as at that time they were not spiritually mature. He was just teaching them according to the time, according to the circumstances, according to their own capability of reasoning.

That is why he defines everything. He said when the time comes; the spirit of truth will come and lead you to the accurate knowledge of God. If he had told them that they should not drink, he would have contradicted himself because he turned water to wine for them to drink during the wedding feast. If he goes back to say don't drink, people will say, 'you were the one that turned water to wine.'

When Paul told Timothy, because Timothy was complaining of stomach ache every day, he said: 'Okay, Timothy between me and you take more wine everyday for the sake of your stomach.' Has the world not capitalised on just that statement to drink? They will tell you that Timothy, in his days, took more wine. He drank. People will even tell you that Jesus turned water to wine.

Do your members take alcohol?
The father has taught us not to take anything corked, anything fermented. Whether soft or hard, we don't take it. We don't take anything at all, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. All we take is water.

Not even cola drinks?
Brotherhood is not a church. It is the kingdom of God, which we pray for. In the Lord's Prayer, we pray, 'God, let thy kingdom come.' That is why Christians cannot comprehend the Brotherhood because what we are doing must be different from what others are doing. You must distance yourself from what the world is practising. So we don't take anything except water. Members of Brotherhood are vegetarians. We don't take meat; anything that crawls, that swims or flies, we don't take it. Yet the world accuses us as Dracula; that we suck blood.

When has it become a sin to eat meat?
When God created the world, he sanctioned everything and said everything he created was good. Even mosquitoes are good; millipedes are good; everything is good. In the Garden of Eden, Adam did not eat all these things we are eating today, that was why he was able to live for 930 years. Look at the way people are dying, like chicken today. It's as a result of what they eat. Whoever kills must be killed. It is unfortunate that we now interpret that word 'kill' to be restricted to human beings. It covers God's creation because He said Thou shall not kill, including mosquitoes.

The mosquito has a peculiar assignment from God. Have you taken time to ask why God created the mosquito? Do you think God was a fool to have created the mosquito? If not for the mosquito, the Whites who came to invade us must have succeeded in capturing us, like they did in South Africa. It was the mosquitoes that chased them away. Even the housefly is good. You shouldn't kill it. The moment you see the house fly, it's telling you that something is bad, that something is rotten somewhere. It's giving you a signal to keep your environment clean. All these things have duties. So in Brotherhood, we don't kill anything, yet the world says we are a secret society. We don't suck blood. The world doesn't even know those who suck blood. It is those in the medical circle that suck blood. They even have blood bank. They even have blood tonic, which people drink. Yet, we don't drink any of these things and they call us names.

Is it true that your members don't take drugs?
No we don't. In Brotherhood, we don't take any drugs, not a single tablet. I came to Brotherhood in 1985. Since that time till now I've never taken any drugs, not even when I was in Europe. Even when I get sick, I allow the father to do his work. That is faith. You said you have faith in Christ but you must take drugs when you are sick; so what kind of faith is that? Faith in drugs? Faith in what you see? So that is why everybody is against Brotherhood. The medical doctors will even organize a campaign that they should tell the world that Brotherhood is a secret society. The prostitute will not even want to hear the teachings of Brotherhood. The father says, if you cannot control your sexual urge, marry one wife. But if you can control yourself, stay without marriage.

Like I am now, I am not married and I don't intend to get married at all. I don't intend to have children. It is not my calling. I don't envy people with wives or families because it is not my business. And I am not condemning them because those people are doing what God ordained for them. Everybody cannot get married and everybody cannot stay without getting married. Jesus was single. John the Baptist was single. Paul was single. In Brotherhood, divorce is not an option. Whether you discover that your wife is a witch or a thief, you cannot divorce her. The only thing that can separate you is death. Even if the woman goes to fornicate, we are told to love and forgive, love will cover the iniquity. Christ said we should forgive 70 times seven times in a day. Can one woman commit adultery 490 times in a day? That is the cardinal point in the teachings of Leader O. O. Obu. Love. That is why he doesn't get angry even at the abuse and the insults people hurl at him every day.

What do you do when you have sexual urge?
No. I can't lower my spiritual identity because of that.

Aren't you tempted at all?
You may be tempted. But the Holy Spirit in you will…

But do you sometimes have sexual urge?
I cannot even remember when last I had the urge because that is not my priority any more. So the urge is no longer there because that is the major cause of our problem today. Today, you see the churches packed full with members but the Holy Spirit is not there, because of fornication. So if you know these things will hinder the work of God, why deceiving yourself? Am I a small boy? But can you deceive God? No. You will end up deceiving yourself. Fornication is what has ruined the work of God and we have to stay clear of it if this work has to go on because the field is now wide.