Our Governor Is Dancing Naked

Gerald Kempis, brother of Thomas, had a beautiful palace built and invited his friends to admire it. Everybody admired it, but only one could find any fault with it. “You have a beautiful palace, but still I would like to give you some advice.” “What?” asked owner. “Have a door walled up.” “Which?” “The one through which you will be taken out one day to be taken to the cemetery…” “Ah, but this door cannot be walled up, for death is an unwelcome guest from which man cannot escape.”

Sometimes I ask myself so many questions bothering on morality when I see the way most of our leaders handle issues. They forgot that no matter the type of political game they play, no matter how they hoodwink the led with profound show of unmitigated bravado and unpatriotic gesture, they shall one day meet at the parting wall of destiny, where material or mundane consciousness shall test the barren soil of error as the dust returns to its abode.

They forgot to build a mighty wall round about their chambers through which they will be taken out one day to the cemetery. Those who forget the cosmic tragedy of tomorrow become victims of political duplicity of today. They are the ones who dance naked without knowing same. They think of themselves of swimming in the subterranean ocean while their backs are all visible on the surface of the ocean. We are seeing them dancing naked.

One of such personalities is the Governor of Imo State Chief Rochas A. Okorocha. Rochas had always believed that he was going to be the best governor Imo would ever have. Whatever gave him this pseudo impression is what majority of us do not know. This repugnant and repulsive thought, made him act very obstructively both in speech and in action before and after the election in 2011.

To those who never bothered to study his past, Chief Rochas was the best dancer in the political strata/sphere of Nigerian nation; who was consequently adored with fine gold; a sapphire and beryl stone, as a result was a radiant and brilliant political morning star. Many sang his glory and like the birth of Christ, the coming of Rochas with his “Rescue Mission” agenda became the watch word of many preachers and we heard voices from various orthodox, Protestant and Pentecostal pull-pits, showering praises on him and singing doxology to God for sending him. In fact, hope was so high!

Chief Rochas being a smart guy started raising dust into the eyes of the public through his smart measures like eating roasted corn, drinking sachet water, rode on keke. It did not end there, he went further by feeding the poor in an open arena; by these actions Okorocha became a good dancer who was not dancing naked at all. These actions closed and blinded the eyes of the masses from seeing his nakedness thus he continued in his ignoble skills in making sure people continue to applaud him. All his fake actions like eating unwashed tomato were the pain he took to deceive Imo people. He was busy capitalizing on Chief Ohakim's areas of weakness in order to be acceptable.

The great question is, has Gov. Okorocha stopped faking Imo people? Today, Okorocha's popularity has reduced from what it used to be. His supporters have grown increasingly disenchanted with him because of lack of performance and betrayal of trust. Irked by Okorocha's duplicity, the Arch Bishop of Owerri A.J.V Obinna who was Okorocha's harbinger, recently lashed the governor in one of his recent sermons regarding Rochas abuse of public trust.

When he was dancing with his cloth on, he was hailed both for what he did and even the ones Chief Ohakim and Udenwa accomplished. Those who saw him dance with cloths on his body, upon seeing his nakedness are having 'buyers' remorse' simply because Rochas who they thought was dancing with cloths made from heaven is now dancing naked by performing below their expectations. In all sectors of the economy, majority of Rochas supporters admit that he is dancing naked by not measuring equal to the task. Today, the glum tone of the voices of Okorocha's supporters and look on their faces now attest to the fact of their utter disappointment. Yes our governor is dancing naked!

I have always condemned the cursory approach of Gov. Rochas political and economic policies and a look at the decisions and policies of Gov. Rochas administration reveals a conundrum, marinated with inconsistent cum incoherent philosophies which lacks everything that makes life worth living. It is obvious that our governor lacks ideology and policy directions needed to properly rescue Imo state. Lack of good policies is responsible for why he is now dancing naked in the public. His leadership philosophy defiles every known leadership “principles and definition”.

His naked dance is so obvious that he enjoys engaging on fanciful and cosmetic developmental approaches which in reality does not have any economic advantage to Imo people. This informs why Okorocha's achievements can be seen as, Hero's Square, Bongo Square, Freedom Square, construction of roundabouts, beautification of Government Fences, construction of roads especially those that eyes can see in the state capital in order to prove to people that he is working.

The amazing thing that has kept Owelle Rochas on naked dancing in the eyes of some Imo elites is the fact that those cosmetic projects have remained for over one year now with occasional fanciful window dressing to make the people of Imo believe that things are moving fine in line with his deceptive “Rescue Mission” slogan of being in a hurry to deliver. Today in Imo State, Gov. Okorocha does all things alone. He is the drummer and the dancer. He is today a lone ranger. All the Imo elites are kept behind while he gives the impression that everything is moving very fine.

A naked dancer governor initially informed Imo people that he was going to conduct local Government election and not to appoint Sole Administrators to run the affairs of our various Local Government Areas. Today, Gov. Okorocha has refused to conduct Local Government election for close to three years now. He has used the Sole Administrators and Director of Administration and General Services (DAGS) at the LGAs. The kind of people he appoints to such positions are people who may not have seen money as a result are very comfortable with any stipend Okorocha gives them.

Here was a man who promised to conduct LGA election after three months if elected today he has shown and proved himself to be a liar in many ways. He is not ashamed of dancing naked. Like my late Father would say “even since i saw the buttocks of a palm wine tapper on the raffia tree, his palm wine no longer appeal to him” this is the stand of many Imo people today.

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