APC waging rebellion against Nigeria--Lagos PDP

By Lagos PDP

The Lagos State chapter of PDP has described the recent actions of APC as acts of waging rebellion against the Nigerian Nation and it has consequently charged president Goodluck jonathan to resist being blackmailed as partisan but to direct the law enforcement agents to treat the APC actions accordingly.
The party's position is its strong reaction to the directive from the APC to its members in the NASS that they should block all executive bills.
Stating further, the lagos State PDP opines that its strong suspicion that APC is sabotaging the nation's development has now been confirmed going by the recent open actions of APC, especially the said directive to its National Assembly Members . Such sabotage can be traced to: Boko Haram insurgency, Oil and Gas pipeline vandalising, recurrent strikes in some sectors of the economy, to mention a few.
The party calls on Nigerians to rise up against the APC chauvinism and declaration of war against the Nation's Administration.

" Now we can confirm that the APC has redefined opposition politics to mean rebellion. Theirs is a merger of unpatriotic and desperate politicians who would go to any extent to grasp power. They are Posing enough threat to the cooperate existence of the nigerian Nation. Their deeds and actions have now betrayed their false claims of being progressives. Nigerians must rise against them now and the security agencies should begin consequential reactions"

The Lagos PDP opines that the Security Agencies should rise up against the deeds and actions capable of causing disaffection and overheat the polity, no matter whose horse is gored.

Lagos PDP