APC: You Have No Right to Hold Nigeria to Ransom

Source: pointblanknews.com

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria, in a bid to make a point has instructed their members in the National Assembly to stall the passage of the 2014 budget, and screening of the newly nominated ministerial candidates. This move they say is connected to the current crisis rocking Rivers State. Quite childish, it is obvious that if this order is carried out, Nigeria's economy and developmental strides will take a nose dive. Has dialogue been exhausted, is Rivers case not a case of APC looking for a fight when nobody is listening? What about the deaths in the South West. APC, Has it really come to this?

A majority of Nigerians have frowned at this move by the official opposition. Prince Tonye Princewill, a PDP stalwart in Rivers State has also joined in condemning this unpatriotic act. In a press statement released by his Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity; Prince Tonye condemned what he called an attempt by the APC to “Shut down the Country”. “No man, woman or group of people has the right to threaten the stability of Nigeria. This is what this is.”, Princewill insisted. He highlighted the activities of last year, when the Republicans in the US tried to use their strength to hold the country ransom. The repercussions of that move were obviously not in their favor, as the public came out in mass to reject the move. Citizens openly vowed never to vote for the party again, because of how immature their plans were. He predicted that the same will happen here.

“Why is the National APC crying more than the bereaved.”, Princewill said. He pointed to the past when the Rivers State police force was used to witch hunt, oppress and unlawfully harass the opposition. “Walk on the streets of Port Harcourt or through the markets in town and enquire. You'll find out that they are happy with the current neutrality of the police”. Recently in Rivers State a GDI planned rally was prevented by the police, for undisclosed reasons; this gives reason to Princewill's claims. Under Mbu crime and kidnapping have come down and APC rallies aside, people are oblivious of the drama.

Prince Tonye Princewill advised the leadership of the APC to have a rethink, and revert their orders. “I have worked with the then Action Congress and I know that there are still some good people in there; they should rise above the crowd and correct this impending mistake”. “Solomon In the bible was one of the wisest men who ever lived. He was faced with a challenge; two women claiming one baby. Eventually the baby was to be cut in two, but destiny intervened. We all know the story and it was very clear who deserved the baby”. Only a regionalist or one occupied by self interest brings a country to its knees. “Speaking of Solomon, nothing could be more appropriate to say now than STOP – a word is enough for the wise.”

Wabiye Idoniboye-Obu
Personal Assistant – Media and Publicity